1999 HSV Clubsport R8 from Australia and New Zealand


True driver's car - easy to control


Air conditioning ran out of gas - leak.

Electric window broke, plastic clip broke, 75 cents to fix! DIY!

General Comments:

Awesome car!! Manual is the real driver's car!! It should only be sold this way!!!

If you look after a car, it will look after you!!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2012

1999 HSV Clubsport R8 VT 5.7L alloy petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Fast and furious, but high maintenance


Numerous tail & brake light replacements.

Front driver side spotlight would not turn off, disconnecting the lead from the spotlight was required.

Water pump blew at 120,000km.

Air-conditioning broke at 104,000km.

Passenger side back seat belt pre-tensioner broke.

Driver front seat foam falls constantly onto back floor.

Engine light switch broke, causing an expensive replacement.

Electrical problems, causing light to work then stop suddenly.

General Comments:

The car's power is very good when running properly.

Very unreliable, although seriously addictive to drive.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2008

28th Oct 2008, 01:55

I have owned a VT II Clubsport (NOT R8) for the past 2 years. I bought it from the original owner, with just on 107,000 klms on it. Mechanically, the car has been a dream, and is extremely tight to drive. A water pump at 120,000 was a bit disheartening, but overall, it has been cheaper to maintain that my previous 1998 VT 50th Anniversary V6, which was a one of build by a Melbourne dealer, and I paid twice what I paid for the clubby. Example: 50,000k service on the anniversary, $900+!!! cause they had to do the brake pads! 110,00k service on the clubby, just shy of $500!! Big difference, and both were done at HSV dealerships.

I would have the Clubby anytime - A real drivers car.

Go and drive an XR6 Turbo, you may as well go for a ride in a CAB!