2004 HSV Clubsport R8 5.7 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A superb racing machine


I have had no problems with this car at all.

General Comments:

I have had five HSVs and this is the best by a country mile, and that includes a VT GTS. The car is better then having a wive. Not only does it look awesome, the power and handling are superb. If you are looking for a car to attract attention this is the baby. I have only owned it for a month and I cannot fault it.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2004

18th Oct 2005, 01:12

The HSV is a nice cruiser however I believe that it chugs a lot of fuel for the power. A standard R32 GTR is on par or faster and has much more room for power upgrades.

20th Oct 2005, 18:40

Yeah, but not everyone wants a skyline.

Most of the skylines I have seen have been thrashed to buggery and not all that practical for family use (2dr models).

Anyway HSVs go fast enough - why would we need cars to go any faster on our roads?

2004 HSV Clubsport R8 VY S2 285 V8 285 kw from Australia and New Zealand




Nothing at all so far it has been good as gold.

General Comments:

This car is pure horn it looks very aggressive and it goes like a rocket. It can take my family in long trips without any discomfort. Has everything and has enough power.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2004

28th Jan 2004, 07:20

I agree with the comments regarding the new R8 series 2 285 kw 6sp manual.

This vehicle is of a very high std in terms of looks, finish, performance, handling and refinement features.

It drives like a dream, rides like a cloud, corners like a cat and stops on a match stick.

It is getting close to rivaling many of the European models and at half the cost. This vehicle is a real drivers machine with all the features included.

HSV can be proud of producing a real world class vehicle. Congratulations.