2002 HSV GTS Coupe vx 300 kw from Australia and New Zealand


Best HSV Muscle car ever


Disc brake pads had to be replaced at 40000km.

Disc’s needed machining.

Battery replaced.

General Comments:

The GTS Coupe is definitely one of the best high performance cars ever built by General Motors.

Excellent performance handling and braking unmatched by any other Australian car.

Higher running costs due to the large brakes and 19” tyres.

Definitely the best looking body shape ever to come from a local manufacturer.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2006

2002 HSV GTS Coupe 5.7 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Performance and value, woeful build quality


Engine required total rebuild following excessive oil consumption.

Up to around 3000 kilometers, this car performed very well, and gave no cause for concern at all.

Gearbox reluctant to engage reverse.

General Comments:

I am absolutely disgusted at the situation I am faced with.

This vehicle cost me well into 6 figures ($NZ), including insurance, improved security, radar.

For a vehicle of this price to have such serious problems at such a low mileage, I have been put off HSV products for good.

I have previously owned an HSV VP Clubsport 5th anniversary model, and a BMW 540iSE, both gave no problems of note during the course of ownership.

Indeed the older HSV proved more reliable than its 10 year newer cousin could ever hope to be.

The dealer has proved less than sympathetic. The concept that this should not happen in any new vehicle, regardless of cost, has been lost on him.

I had heard of issues with Gen3 motors before, but did not seriously expect to have any problems of this nature, who would with a 100K supercar!?

I plan to cut my losses and sell-on the car very soon, and will probably look at something like a 540i M-enhanced , or perhaps an Audi S4.

Promised much, but the reality is that HSV products still lag behind Europe when it comes to reliability and built quality. For me performance and price on their own are not enough.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

24th Jan 2003, 12:35

$100,000+ on a Holden Commodore? what do you expect!!! Being an Australian resident I think this is a car for people with more money than sense. Should have stuck with a Beemer at that price. Sure the HSV has the straight line performance, but lacks the finesse and feel (AND QUALITY) only found in a BMW or Mercedes. This car is the automotive equivalent of Las Vegas, very glitzy, but not very tasteful.