22nd May 2003, 07:13

I feel for you mate, I bought a VT clubsport, in 2 WEEKS I had to have the engine rebuilt due to a spun main bearing. I also had problems with a leaky sunroof, bad panel fit, noisy diff, oil leaks and the body control module. The sunroof was not HSV's fault as the dealer forgot to order a factory one, and installed a cheap aftermarket one. The dealer seemed like he didn't give a damn, he'd already got his $60 000. But after a lot of complaining through the right channels I got a replacement car.

3rd Sep 2004, 01:51

I have just bought an old VP Commodore V8. It was first owned by Police Department and has plenty of power and only cost me $5,500 unregistered. So even if it has problems they shouldn't cost me too much.

What I can't understand is spending $100,000 in the first place, but surely Holden warranty would ensure you some degree of guarantee that any problems would be fixed by the dealer.

I too have had BMW's and enjoyed mostly trouble free motoring. 13 years on same radiator and exhaust is not bad and 6 years for battery. But I had head gasket go at 70,000k's due to defective materials and got no compensation for it because it was outside warranty due to my low mileage per year.

Anyway, my advise is to buy something cheap and easy to fix.

New high speed cars are too much a liability and in demand from car thiefs.

14th Mar 2006, 03:55

I purchased an HSV GTS Coupe in 2002. Reason? Nothing from Europe had the same performance for the dollar and it takes 4 adults comfortably. I have had virtually no mechanical issues at all. It has run like a clock. In the country or on a track it is superb. My only niggles are that around the suburbs it is harsh and the traction control is intrusive.

15th Jul 2006, 05:01

Woeful build quality? Welcome to the world of Holden. I have never in my life read a review where they have said the build quality of the Holden was good. It's just unfortunate that you had to spend $100K on a glorified taxi to realise that. Walk around some car yards and go check out some VT commodores and equivalent year Magnas and Camrys.

14th Feb 2007, 00:30

And the funny thing is that a Mazda RX-8 has a bigger boot than the later model Monaro/HSV coupe when they had to move the fuel tank to behind the back seat to meet rear crash standards in the US!!

6th Feb 2009, 19:51

I have a GTS 2004 coupe with only 5000km. Sure it's not a lot of kays, however when I do drive it, it always puts a smile on my face.

2nd Dec 2012, 14:35

I too have a 02 HSV GTS coupe, rarely driven, hence it's only done 6,298kms at the moment. Have experienced no issues, however I understand my example you could say is barely run-in. Love driving it when I get the chance, fantastic looking vehicle, however have seen used examples looking rather worse for wear, with things like door handles, steering wheel covers, things that you use all the time wearing out quickly when they shouldn't, especially with the price these cost.