1961 Humber Hawk Series/Mark2 2.27 from Australia and New Zealand


The lounge room on wheels


Fan blade through the bonnet!

General Comments:

I bought this car from a small workshop/garage. It was a genuine "little old lady who…" car. I paid $1500 for it. These cars are like a slow moving suite on wheels; the 4 cylinder engine is strong, but this car is heavy! Super Snipes had more or less the same body, but somewhat more grunt.

The auto was good, the steering was heavy; parking was a chore. But the dashboard!! All was forgiven when sitting at traffic lights; you could observe the beautiful hunk of walnut with the dials set in.

Front bench seat. I took 5 passengers legally from Geelong to Melbourne in 1996!

Near Casterton, I heard a loud bang. Suddenly the engine was running roughly. I pulled over. A fan blade had pierced the bonnet! I saw a mechanic in town; he sawed off the opposite blade (4 blade fan). Otherwise this car gave me no dramas.

I did sell it to a Mr Richard Cranium who wrapped it around a light pole when drunk in St Kilda. End of the Humber.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2015

5th Oct 2023, 14:46

Did an image search to see what these look like. Good looking old cars.