17th May 2004, 11:26

What the?!? hummers do like 1 mpg so how can it score 10/10 on the running costs?!?

5th Aug 2004, 16:57

Those Hummer H2's are my favorite trucks ever, but who knew there dressed with a chevy saburben or how ever you spell it.

27th Sep 2004, 10:30

Think the H2 are bad try the military version. Anyone got a Pinto, but you might get a good one by LUCK. Civil version of the Old style Hummers I hear or some tough built trucks. hitting a telephone pole, ripping it out of the ground with little damage to the front of the truck.

1st Feb 2005, 21:59

I thought this section was for the H1. Isn't there another section for the H2?

I find all your comments totally useless as you are all referring to the H2 when all I was looking for was info on the H1.

If anybody has any comments on the H1, maybe this would be a good place to post it. Thanks.

23rd Mar 2005, 13:42

I don't care much for H2's since they are an embarrasment to the Hummer name. H1's are definitely the most capable vehicle ever produced. You can buy a Jeep and spend $20000 on it to make it do the things an H1 will do stock. In other words, do underestimate them until you have actual experience behind the wheel.

8th Apr 2005, 15:15

The Hummer is one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world today. According to some former comments, sure you can take a jeep and modify it to performe like a Hummer. (Make it clear when Hummer is said it is being referred to the H1.) But no other vehicle can perform like the hummer does right off the show room floor. I have a 95' 4 door hard top and it's still working great. Just the regular maintenance. Oh by the way, what ever Hummer you are referring to (I am strictly a H1 enthusiast) and comparing it to "Jeep trail rated ability". The "trail rating" is a marketing ploy invented by Chrysler. I does not mean anything in the automotive industry. Just thought I would let you know.


Atlanta, GA.

3rd May 2005, 19:07

I've driven both the H1 and the new Jeep unlimited. Gotta admit... For a daily driver.. I prefer the Jeep. The H1 was just not practical.

26th May 2005, 12:59

I hate this ongoing comparison of Hummer Vs. Jeep. They are different types of vehicles for different uses, so stop trying to make a debate about them please! I've driven HMMWVs for the army, and they are great at climbing grades/side slopes, fording deep water and mud, etc. They are designed to transport troops and equipment across a wide variety of terrain. Jeeps are designed with flex and articulation in mind. They can tackle awkward angles and tight spaces, scatter across rock piles, etc. An H1 uses independent suspension front and rear with geared hubs to achieve 16 in. of ground clearance and run 37.5 x 12.5 in. tires. Jeeps (Wranglers, XJ Cherokees, etc.) use live axles front and rear, to allow for maximum articulation and flex to keep the wheels on the ground.

Both have been used by our military and both are extremely capable and advanced machines suited for different purposes!

17th Jun 2005, 17:22

Why do you only compare the Jeep vs Hummer? Why not introduce the comparison between the Land Rover. Land Rover's are European off road legends, that have all the capabilities that Jeeps have.

5th Aug 2005, 14:16

For those that do not know, the H1 Hummer was designed and built by the same company that first made the Jeep. The company has changed hands and names many times. The Hummer is a 50 year evolution from the first Military Jeeps.

18th Jan 2006, 03:42

The H1 has a lot capabilities over any other Jeep. You can't just base off road capability on ground clearance, departure angles, rollover susceptibility, gas mileage (Heaven forbid), or rock climbing power alone. I've driven Jeeps, I've driven Hummers. I like Jeeps, and I like Hummers. Are they the same? No. A $20,000 Jeep with another $20,000 of upgrades will NOT do what a Hummer can. Sure, you can climb servere grades, submerge yourself in water, overcome 35 inch boulders and drive through the most severe road conditions. But, you can't do that with 1600 lbs of payload or with a machine gun bolted directly in the center of it. But, does everyone need 1600 lbs of stuff or an automatic weapon on the top of your vehicle? No. So really, it's like buying clothes. Get what suits you but don't spend hours like I am and compare every little detail on it like it's the entire world. Reality, it's 7000 lbs of metal and rubber with 4 wheels that goes "vroom vroom"

16th May 2006, 21:35

96 liter tank with a 94 liter reserve?? How many gallons is that? Talk about a thirsty gas guzzler. I know they get like 8-9 mpg, but I had no clue they had a giant tank. What a waste of space..

8th Jun 2006, 16:30

I like both Hummers and Jeeps.

I esecially like getting a Hummer in my Jeep!

12th Jul 2006, 11:41

Although I haven't ever seen a H1 in reality, but I have seen many H2s. I am sure the H1 would only be better. But I live in a country where maintaining a foreign car is a big problem so I want to know about the maintenance of H1. How often does the owner takes it to it's mechanic. And how often parts are replaced. Please comment.

28th Jul 2006, 16:21

The H-1 is basically an off-road vehicle...PERIOD. It was never designed to haul the kids to soccer or do the weekly shopping. The reason so many people are so down on the Hummer (H-1 especially) is that people buy them with no intention whatsoever of ever driving them off road. They end up taking up 3 parking spaces, guzzling gas at the rate of 4 miles per gallon, and endangering everyone else on the road. If someone wants to display his wealth, wouldn't buying a gold chain with a big diamond on it make more sense?

29th Jul 2006, 08:24

When people buy a military vehicle they are dissappointed that it doesn't take to civilian life very well. Same can be said if you a bought a M2A2 Bradely, M1A2 Abrams, 5 ton truck, or anything else designed for military use. The damn thing is made to take fire, protect troops, mount a gun on, run stuff over, ram stuff, and just generally raise hell. So what if you're 6 kids don't fit in back, at least the 3 of them that do get in are protected from gunfire... jeesh.

30th Jul 2006, 00:17

My complaints about it are strictly regarding looks. I think it was designed ugly and has an unattractive interior. It looks a bit awkward to drive from inside. Theres a lot of cars I like, but dislike the stereotypical owners attitudes. So go buy a Hummer for whatever reason works. I just have objections to the styling.