1995 Hummer H1 Wagon 6.5 diesel from North America


Definetly a fun and different truck


CTIS Deflator Valve.

CTIS Right Rear Valve.

A/C Blower Motor.

General Comments:

Very fun truck and mostly a novelty. Bought it to replace my Suburban and although this is a fun truck, definetly more of a novelty than a working truck. Handles very well for what it is. Not like a car, but definetly better than a Suburban because there is no body sway and it has a wide stance. Seats are generally comfortable eventhough the width in the seat base is not that great. Cabin is very loud, seems like it is louder than a normal diesel cabin. When you sit in the front seats it is hard to see a traffic light above you with the low roof height. Has great clearance and definetly doesn't get stuck in any snow I have taken it. Never took it off road so don't know how that is. Gas mileage isn't too bad due too the diesel. Averages about 12 on the highway and I usually drive at 65. Fairly easy to drive and park once you get used to it. Truck is very wide, but not much interior room other than to put items on the center hump.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2007

1997 Hummer H1 Wagon 6.5 V8 turbo diesel from North America


Number one!


Nothing at all!

General Comments:

This thing can climb anything. it can go through a 40 degree angle and through any size of ditch. This Sports Utility Vehicle may be slow, but wait until you take it into the highway. It is also extremely loud.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2002

29th Nov 2003, 19:59

Nice One! That's funny I actually should do that. And anyways it has a huge tank. 96 liter tank and 94 liter reserve.

12th May 2004, 23:19

Stock H2's will go anywhere stock jeeps can go excepting tight spaces where the H2 simply won't fit. An H2 will handle 10 to 15 more degrees side slope than a jeep can before rolling. Yes it is twice the cost, but it is just as capable and 100 times more comfortable. Happy wheeling (or should I say rolling?)