2004 Hummer H2 from North America


For serious outdoor people only!


Runs great.

Electric mirror died, but the dealer fixed it.

General Comments:

Tough as nails. I bought it to be in the woods with. It is a great 4x4 and looks great.

I read a review of a guy who said the H2 sat too low and hit everything. Look underneath; it has everything covered.

As for mud.. My feet are still clean if you know what I mean.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2009

2004 Hummer H2 6.0 from North America


It's one tough looking, beast of a truck, and I luv it!!!


Instrument cluster defect, apparently this was also an issue with other GM SUVs/ pickup trucks. Basically the speedo, tachometer would vary wildly and sometimes stick. Unfortunately as I was not the first owner, it wasn't covered. So be it. Fortunately I know folks and got it replaced for the cost of the part @ $250. GM I guess was just having a lean moment panhandling in Washington DC. But I digress.

No other problems were noted... yet.

General Comments:

First off I did not buy the H-2 for the gas mileage.

I bought the vehicle because it is a BEAST! Look at the front end, the back end and underneath and you'll know what I'm talking about. While others get in a little fender benders, and have to throw their little econo boxes away. Not the case here, rest assured this one will continue driving me home. Gas mileage isn't everything how about SAFETY? Crash your Prius and let me know how it turns out... if you can still talk/ type.

Secondly, I like the looks. Tough, secure, roomy, stylish and capable. My wife is more than happy for me to take her downtown for a date in the H-2. Heck, that was just a bonus because I got it for me... You know she never did like my Jeep.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2009

2004 Hummer H2 from North America


Not worth the money or expensive upkeep


I have a 2004 H2 HUMMER, it has 72,889 miles on it. I've never taken it off road, and only one time did I pull a trailer with 3 four wheelers on it from Cleveland Ohio to W. Virginia, and the transmission just went. It's out of warranty and I'm looking at $2,000 for it to be replaced, but since it's a lease and I have 4 payments left, I'm going to just limp it to the Chevy dealership and get me a Chevy Suburban.

I'll never buy another Hummer; I had that thing at the dealer more than any other vehicle I've owned.

General Comments:

On a scale from 1-10, I give the H2 a 4.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2008

4th Apr 2008, 13:57

Before you buy the Suburban have a look under the H2, they are just a Chev pick up underneath. Not a real Hummer.

27th Apr 2008, 20:15

Yeah, and in-fact the hummer actually uses the same exact platform as the suburban... so avoid both at all costs!!!

6th May 2008, 09:52

Seems there are less complaints in the Suburban section than the H2 section. Even if both were the same underneath, the assembly is different somewhere, and there are more mistakes being made with the H2.

22nd Mar 2009, 11:29

My wife and I bought a 2003 H2. It was only one years old.

Have had the transfer case rebuilt because it rotted out, 2 fuel pumps, idler arm and pittman arm replaced, several electrical problems also.

We take care of all of our vehicles on a regular basis. The worst thing is the body is rusting out around the doors inside and out. Brought it back to the dealer. They said there is nothing we can do unless the rust has a hole all the way through. Altogether we have put only 12,500 miles on it. Never again!!!

22nd Mar 2009, 16:22

I live in England and saw one of these cars. It looked very out of place, looked like something Ken and Barbie would drive around in. I like the old Hummer though, and various other American cars. Just not that one.