2006 Hummer H2 V8 from North America


I loved my H2, and I would have kept it, problems and all, if it got better gas mileage


When I first bought the H2, the cruise control kept disengaging. Eventually it stayed on, but the vehicle had to constantly downshift on small upgrades (hills) on the highway, to stay at the right speed.

Carbon Monoxide was leaking into the vehicle from the tailpipe. A local repair shop had to add a piece pointing down to stop it.

One of the boxes on the hood started rattling on the highway. I had to take it to the dealer and have it fixed.

The transmission started leaking. It cost over $1000 to have it fixed.

The vehicle kept going out of alignment. The rocker arms had to be replaced twice.

General Comments:

The vehicle was expensive to fix.

I liked the dashboard setup, but the plastic and leather used in the interior was very cheap looking. The plastic bins on the doors cracked and broke easily. The leather seats were slippery and didn't hold you in place when turning.

The vehicle is wider than most and there are two boxes on the hood that make it difficult to gauge if you are in your lane.

The vehicle was roomy and the ride was generally comfortable. The drivers seat could have offered more support. I liked the fact that the backseats folded flat and offered enough room for luggage and two people to lay in the back. It was nice to put them down on long trips, to lay down and watch the video screens in the headrest.

The vehicle handled better than I expected for such a large suv.

I wish the vehicle had A/C vents on the ceiling, in the back, and a more powerful engine. Hummer rectified this in 2008, but they changed the dashboard. I prefer the setup on mine. They should have just upgraded the plastics.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2011

14th Aug 2011, 02:18

You bought the H2 thinking you would get better gas mileage?

14th Aug 2011, 18:36

No, I knew what the gas mileage would be. When I bought the vehicle, gas prices were bearable. When gas prices skyrocketed in 2008 and again this year, it wasn't worth keeping. I wanted to sell the vehicle before it took a drastic hit on resale value because of the dismal gas mileage.

2006 Hummer H2 Lux from North America


Favorite car so far



General Comments:

Great vehicle if you are looking for SUV that doesn't feel like a mini-van inside. Very solid and luxurious.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2006