27th Dec 2005, 11:38

Well stated to the reviewer, and thank you for your service to this wonderful country we are so blessed to live in!

2nd Jan 2006, 20:27

This is the best review that I've seen of the Hummers on here. You have to give the guy some respect for using it like a 4x4, and acknowledging that it has a niche and in using it for that purpose. True, they get (a little) better mileage than my old Ramcharger. Still would like to see a stack-up between the H-2/H-3 and new Rubicon. The Rubicon is probably the better off-road vehicle for the young, single guy, but as the reviewer says, you won't take your family of 5 camping in it.

3rd Feb 2006, 21:28

This truck, acts like a truck. If you want a smooth comfortable SUV for transporting kids and supplies, groceries and antiques, maybe this truck is not the perfect fit for you. It can do all these things, but there are plenty of other vehicles in this class (Grand Cherokee, Xterra, Four Runner, etc.) that might have more street ability (usable horsepower for highway use and smooth highway manners). Please don't start with the attacks here, the Hummer numbers (mileage, pollution, size, tax breaks, etc.) are directly comparable with all these other vehicles in this class.

The H3 can compare with these other vehicles on the road, and is capable of doing the same chores, but might lag behind in a heads up comparison (this is what you will find in most motor magazines comparison tests). By that same measure, the Hummer WILL out perform these other vehicles off the road. The trails and back country is where the Hummer shines. It's stock ability exceeds that of it's competitors. It is first and foremost a Hummer. That fact seems to be understood by GM. They have built a very successful four wheel drive vehicle here.

As a Hummer H3 owner, and the poster of this review, I am still very pleased with my truck. It manages severe snow, mud, STEEP climbs (far in excess of the published ability), rocks, and water (up past the bottom third of the doors). I have had a fantastic time off road with this truck! Yes, I have also gotten it STUCK, but where I got it stuck, would have stuck any stock 4x4 I know of (except maybe the H1).

Buy a vehicle for the way YOU live.

Status, prestige, style, and pretension are not good reasons to purchase this vehicle in my opinion. I'm not trying to judge anyone, it's just that I don't believe you would be happy with your choices after awhile. If you were in it for those reasons, you might find the short comings to be tough to deal with and there are plenty of other choices (Escalade, Navigator, Armada, Mercedes-Benz, etc.).

If you want a very capable truck for USING off road, the Hummer is difficult to beat.

As a police officer that is required to be at work (in any conditions) and a former jar-head, take it from me; there are those that talk the talk, then there are those that walk the walk (the latter is the only way to live).

29th Jun 2006, 12:49

Your assessment conflicts with itself.

You say, "all of them" when referring to Hummer, then say they're not practical.

That is YOUR opinion, I think they are every bit as practical as a Grand Cherokee, Four Runner, Xterra, and they get better gas mileage.

The H3 is being viewed in the same light as it's sister vehicles by the critics. It is a different vehicle. You should educate yourself about the vehicle if your going to comment and you don't own one.