21st Jan 2006, 14:28

I am close to buying the H3. Has GM come to the plate and resolved your issues?

22nd Jan 2006, 00:41

Don't hold your breath on this issue.

Even if they do take action, it could take a long time.

I installed an alarm system with a remote pager that alerts me if the alarm goes off.

This is the only time I've heard of the situation actually occurring.

23rd Jan 2006, 20:39

I am a police sergeant and an H3 driver.

I was not happy to learn about this situation. On certain occasions, I leave a firearm in my vehicle. I would be most upset to return and find it missing. Far beyond other valuables stored in this truck. I ALWAYS remain very vigilant parking anywhere.

With that being said, I would like everyone to know that there is no vehicle that can't be broken into in seconds, and no alarm system (that I have ever encountered) that cannot be defeated by a pro.

If you drive a Mercedes the more competent thief will target your vehicle for theft, and anyone can break the window in seconds.

Valuables out of sight is still the best plan, and you would be amazed at the number of people who leave VERY valuable things behind a thin passenger window. Smash and grab vehicle burglaries, happen by the thousands every day in the U.S.

If this story is completely true, the thieves will exploit this vulnerability. If not, they will always find another.

23rd Jan 2006, 21:16

Lock pick kits are available and cheap. They require some practice to become good at it, but with a little patience one can become masterful. All cars have relatively cheap door locks compared with other types of key locks. Someone utilizing a lock pick kit can approach any vehicle and appear to be doing nothing more than inserting the door key. They can have the door open in the same amount of time as someone using the key. Trust me, I know, I am a locksmith.