11th Feb 2006, 03:59

Why do the people who hate Hummers feel they are entitled to demand answers to their biased questions? They don't listen or consider the answers anyway.

There should be a rule on this website that if you are going to sit back and attack another persons choice in vehicles, that you have disclose your own vehicle.

There would probably be much fewer attacks, if comparisons could be made equally and fairly.

11th Feb 2006, 09:25

The number of Hummers I've seen in a non-urban environment is literally zero. I've been too many outdoor locations and I know there are Hummers in the areas that I visit. On the other hand, the number of Hummers I've seen grocery-getting or making mundane errands on the city would easily be in the 40s. Personally, I think the reason that so many people who are opposed to Hummers, me being one such person admittedly, and want valid reasons why someone would own one is pretty simple.

First, we know that the excuse of using them going offroad is mostly a bunch of hooey. You have to come down to the bare facts of it; a Hummer is unnecessarily oversized and does what could easily be accomplished by any other SUV that is more efficient in terms of size, weight and fuel economy. And if people aren't really using them offroad like they say, or a lot less often than they claim, it's pretty safe to assume that they're using them mostly in the city, primarily as status symbols. It's not just Hummers, though they are fairly easy to notice first. I think a lot of people feel the same way about luxury cars with grossly oversized engines or, in the SUV realm, something like the Escalade, but it mostly applies to SUVs.

When a person buys an SUV for practicality and use, it makes sense and is reasonable. But when they buy it simply because they can and to hell with everyone else, that's what gets some people so riled up. It's a car that people weakly claim is going to be used for hauling and offroading. I don't believe it. I've never seen one single Hummer doing any sort of hauling or offroading whatsoever. It's not an offroad vehicle and it is not something that most construction workers would be itching to use for practical reasons for their jobs. It's a luxury vehicle that claims it's rugged enough to go offroad and outdoors... but not one of the owners truly intends to do that with their Hummer, though it is an idea that really appeals to them - to know they could if they wanted to. So to use that as an excuse is just a waste of time. A Hummer is a showboat, just like luxury cars and sports cars. The only difference is that they make no claims to be practical in any sense, something even the Escalade doesn't truly claim either... And yet the Hummer does. To most people looking in, that's probably the most misleading thing about this vehicle.

Come on. Most of us know better than that.

I do want to say, though, that this does not reflect 100% of Hummer owners, but only a majority of them. It's more of a criticism against the flawed ideal by which the Hummer is marketed.

11th Feb 2006, 10:42

Overly broad general assumptions of all Hummer owners are not accurate. It is also not accurate to claim your own observations as fact.

Is it possible that if you live in Alaska and have never seen a palm tree, you could assume there are not many palm trees in the world?

The H3 is NOT the H2. It is about the size of a Toyota Four Runner. It gets better mileage than the other vehicles in it's own class.

I go off roading often, I tow a trailer with 3 ATVs and I own a boat which is also pulled behind the Hummer every week in the summer.

Throughout this website Hummer owners (H1,H2,H3) have attempted to explain why they purchased this vehicle. The critics don't appear to even attempt to consider the answers given.

Would you answer an opponent of your choices, whose mind and judgements of YOU were already decided?

11th Feb 2006, 21:32

Why does somebody need to justify their purchase to you? This is America. They bought the Hummer because they wanted the Hummer and they could afford it.

12th Feb 2006, 15:47

A person could also walk, ride a bicycle or stick strictly with mass transportation as well. So why need any vehicle at all?

The environment would love you for it. Some drive a smaller vehicle enormous distances with the justification to economize on fuel expense so that they take a job farther and farther away vs. moving. I can be to work in 5 minutes and quite possibly consume less fuel per week. Also I am not about putting others down or need to make excuses. You know in your own mind if you are doing right or not. If someone in America likes something and doesn't mind working for it... I wish them well and am happy for them. I wonder why others worry so much or even try to think too much. Let it go.