2001 Hyundai Accent GS from North America


Very economical and easy to drive


Windshield wipers stopped working.

Parking brake light stays on occasionally.

Tiny hole in sealing on flip-up sunroof.

Transmission went bad at 105,000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall, you get good 'bang-for-your-buck' with this car. It is very economical, no power locks or windows, minor things have gone wrong, but quick and cheap to fix, but the running cost is very cheap.

I traveled about 1,100 miles while moving to a new state and only paid about $70 for gas. The gas mileage I get is amazing, around 36-37 mpg in the city when it's warm, and near 40 on the highway. I've noticed I get better mileage in long distance runs, to let the engine warm up and not have so much stop and go traffic.

Interior is bland and louder than other cars I've been in, and it has a cheesy door chime.

I paid $3,600 to get it at 74,000 miles, and the resale value is basically the same after 30k more miles.

Recommended for someone who needs their first car, or anyone looking to spend little money.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2007

2001 Hyundai Accent from North America


This is a very poor quality car


Power Steering Fluid Leak 65,000

Water Pump Failed at 69,000

Transmission shifts poorly and sticks at 70,000.

General Comments:

I have owned this 2001 Accent for only 5 months, and have experienced many problems already.

The problems started almost immediately with a power steering fluid leak, which my mechanic said would cost $800 to fix.

Soon after, the engine started making loud rattling noises. It turned out that the water pump needed to be replaced. The cost was roughly $700.

Now, the transmission sticks between first, second, and third gear. This is a safety issue, because the car doesn't accelerate like it needs to in traffic. I don't have an estimate for the transmission yet, but I am bracing myself for the impact.

I bought the used 2001 Accent for a good price of $4000 this year. But after all of the repairs that I will need, this car will end up costing me much more.

Finally, I want to mention that I purchased the Accent to save on gas, since it is a little car. So far, gas mileage has been terrible too. I should have paid a little more and purchased a quality car.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2007

28th Aug 2010, 11:01

Well in general the water pump should be replaced with the timing belt at 60,000 miles, If you didn't get either of those done, your engine might be on its way out soon. Did you ever have the transmission fluid and fluid filter changed? The autos in the Accent are notorious for blowing a bearing between 3rd and overdrive with improper maintenance.

2001 Hyundai Accent from North America


This car is not worth the headaches


My 2001 Hyundai Accent started to malfunction 1 year after ownership. I found out my problem was the pulse generator. I have taken it back to the dealership 26 times to replace this part. I have had enough. I now am speaking to Hyundai directly to finally fix my problem. I will never buy another Hyundai ever again.

General Comments:

This car is very unreliable.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2007

2001 Hyundai Accent GS 1.6 from North America


Shoddy and flimsy


Electroluminescent dash lighting failed (replaced under warranty)

Auto transmission computer malfunction (reprogrammed under warranty)

Wheel bearing.

Flexible coupling on exhaust ripped/had to be replaced.

Severe wear to inside edges of front tires (factory allows for NO provision of alignment)

General Comments:

The things that have gone wrong on this car are the types of things you might expect from a car with over 200K on the odometer, to have all of these problems before 80,000 is simply ridiculous.

The thing that grates on me the most is that the car eats up the inside edges of the front tires in as little as 10,000 miles--there is NO factory provision for alignment to correct this. Even the factory shop manual says that if such a condition is noted that it can only be corrected by replacing the "bent" parts.

UPDATE July 2008: I am still unfortunate to be stuck with this car, as I cannot afford anything else.

Problems since last post;

1) Windshield wiper linkage corroded so bad that the wipers would not work, had to replace linkage

2) Replaced yet another flexible coupling in the exhaust that ripped

3) Ominous loud clunking sounds coming from the front of the car whenever taking off (suspension components checked out ok).. seems to be coming from the subframe mounts

4) Oxygen sensor

5) Occasionally, the engine will rev up on its own, once almost causing me to rear-end someone at a stoplight

6) Occasional engine stumble, which is really fun when pulling out into traffic

7) Braking system leaking fluid from somewhere, have to add fluid every 1,000 miles or so... pedal travels very close to floor, despite brake pads and shoes being in good condition.. I suspect the master cylinder is shot.

Mileage at this post; only 115K. These problems only serve to underscore what a throw-away car this is... with a current resale value of about $2,000, it has reached the point where it's not even worth putting the money in to fix it.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2006