2004 Hyundai Accent GL 4 DR 1.6 from North America


Cheap, noisy transportation


Rattles from numerous locations and the headlights cannot be adjusted to provide adequate illumination.

General Comments:

This car is attractive due to its price, but buyer beware. The cost of insuring this car is expensive as it carries a very high insurance symbol. This will offset any savings in fuel over a mid-sized car.

The car developed rattles in the doors, rear panels, overhead light, dashboard, and trunk area after a few thousand miles. New rattles arise regularly.

There are no horizontal adjustment for the headlights that an owner can perform.

Tires are cheap and too small for the car. Body roll is horrific.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

8th Jan 2006, 02:17

I would 100 pct agree with the first comment.

The only thing wrong with this car is the engine noise of which Hyundai should do something about it they want to maintain a good name in car manufacturing.

15th Jan 2006, 03:15

Yeah I know what you mean, it sounds like a blender.

25th Apr 2006, 05:02

I got some nice Sumitomo tires after 3 years of the factory ones were getting bald. Now the car handles much much better around curves! Didn't cost that much for them either.

The noise is bad, but then again I thought everyone wants their car to be loud? Get a different muffler on the end!? Vroooom!

10th Jul 2008, 13:17

I am currently the 2nd owner of an 04 GL sedan (purchased with 64,000 kms in 06) at 150,000 kms. The car lives on the highway and normally shows me 43mpg (6.57 l/100km)

It is a 5 speed, pretty plain, but bought for fuel economy. It does what it was bought for.

I agree that long trips (over an hour) are not recommended and that wind/road noise is high.

So far I have no issues. New (better) tires helped a lot. If the new ones are less noisy and have improved seats, I'll buy another.

2004 Hyundai Accent 4 door from North America


I don't like it


The car sways (pulls) to the left from day one. Went back and drove another new one just lke it. It does the same. The pull progressed as time went on. They say there is nothing they can do to fix it. That they all do that and it is just the characteristic of the car. It is the torque steering and it is the result of it being a small car. This is going to cause the tires to wear much faster. It is hard to control at times and could be a hazard.

General Comments:

I wished I did not buy it and shopped around a little longer. Although the exterior does look nice.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

26th Oct 2004, 06:37

I know that feeling. I just bought a 2004 Sonata and it does the same thing except mine vibrates to. I was told you need to break it in. Ya right. I will stick with Chevy. I had a 2000 Monte Carlo and it ran like a charm. I just had high mileage and I travel 93 miles a day so I wanted a car with a warranty... Boy was I stupid, You need that warranty because the cars are junk!!!

crashmg66@verizon.net if you want to vent.

15th Feb 2005, 19:45

This is in response to the to the first comment. I too have a 2004 Sonata that rides and handles like a dream. Perhaps your tires are inflated improperly and in need of balancing. I will definitely take my Hyundai over anything domestic, especially Chevy.

9th Apr 2008, 07:02

These are all symptoms of a wheel alignment & balance. If the dealer won't have a bar of it then forget about them and take your cars to a tire shop. Then send them the bill. I had an 04 Accent and it tracked straight as an arrow. My missus has an 04 Elantra which also tracks straight as an arrow, that's what they're supposed to do.