2005 Hyundai Accent GLS 4 cylinder from North America


Total VALUE!


Due to knee problems, was forced to sell my fully restored classic Suzuki Samurai, and wanted to locate a decent 2004 or 2005 Hyundai Accent, which took over a year to do, as so many Accent owners are happy with their cars, and do not sell them.

This Accent has higher mileage than I wanted, but was a one owner vehicle with totally clean CarFax, so I had it checked out by a professional mechanic before purchase.

It needed a new timing belt, and the water pump seal was beginning to leak, so I had all belts replaced, new spark plugs and new water pump installed; this was voluntary; just good sense?

I also replaced all four tires after purchase, and had an oil change and transmission flush. Again, just routine maintenance on a car of this age and mileage.

General Comments:

Why go back to 2004 or 2005 you might ask?

I prefer having a real temperature gauge instead of an idiot light, so that if there is a cooling problem, I will see it in progress instead of boiling over in traffic. Also, the newer cars now have low tire pressure warning electronics, which I do not want, either. If we cannot be responsible for keeping tires properly inflated, then we probably shouldn't be driving?

As for all the other electronics and gadgets on the newer cars... to me they are just annoying and distracting. Technology has dictated choosing a 2005 or earlier car to me.

As for the Hyundai Accent - it is remarkably quick, extremely fuel efficient (averaging 30 MPG, with the automatic transmission), the turning radius is magical, and it slips through tight places like a greased eel. Granted, the seat comfort is lacking, but that can be nicely remedied with a car cushion, and sheepskin seat covers.

The stock sound system/radio is really good, though would have preferred a CD to a tape player. I wanted a basic, easy to drive and park car, without electronics, if possible; lack of power windows, locks, mirrors, etc. is pleasing to me, as there are fewer items for later repair.

In all, the 2005 Hyundai Accent is a great driving car, easy on maintenance costs, and in the deep black colour, it is stunning looking, also.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2012

6th May 2014, 01:28

I am a proud owner of an Accent. I purchased mine with 34000 miles on it and just hit 180000. I honestly beat the tar out of this car. I've taken it off road, on sand, on dry lakes, and on quad trails. Even have gone airborne and taken it over 120 (not easy). This thing will not die. My old Ford was an embarrassment to all cars compared to this. All I've had to change were the timing belt and the alternator. Getting ready to do some major mods to it to crank the power up a bit, and I hope to have my car for another 7 years of fun driving.

2005 Hyundai Accent GLS 1.6 from North America


Good fuel economy


Alternator bracket broke at approx. 40,000 miles.

Replaced brake pads 3 times.

Replace oil and filter every 5000 miles. I used synthetic oil.

General Comments:

Interior is a bit on the cheap side. Seats not comfortable for long distance.

A lot of road and engine noise inside the cabin. After about 50000 miles, started getting rattles from dash, door panels etc.

Engine lacks power, slow to accelerate.

All that said, it's been a reliable and economical car. I did break down the one time when the alternator bracket broke in half. Good buy for its class.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2010

2005 Hyundai Accent GS 1.6L DOHC from North America


Great economical car for students


The only thing has been my fault. I hit a curb and bent the wheel. Canadian Tire tried to sell me a replacement without telling me the factory hubcap wouldn't fit. I ended up getting it replaced at the dealer for only slightly more. Alignment is still fine.

General Comments:

This is my first real car, an Accent GS 3-door hatchback. It is truly a great student car - nice looking, fun and easy to drive, really cheap insurance, great on gas and really cheap to operate. We've nicknamed mine "the micro-bucket", and haven't had a single reason to dislike this car.

It feels like a little sports car! The seats are fairly low to the road, and the steering, ride/suspension and shifting are surprisingly sporty compared to other cars in this class, like Civic or Corolla. Its no race car, but has lots of power for highway passing.

While the user manual discourages it, I've actually successfully done some light towing with my Accent. It's usually just a small cargo trailer with light loads, but we towed a SeaDoo with it this summer and the Accent handled it well.

The Accent's interior is very grey, but it's otherwise attractive and functional. The seats are fairly comfortable and there's lots of leg and headroom for a 6'2 driver. I replaced the factory stereo after I'd had the car for about 6 months. I did the installation myself and it went smoothly. I recently added a powered subwoofer as well, which really gives the car great sound for long commuting.

The narrow width of the car means its perfectly comfortable for two skinnier people, ie. students. Larger folks might not be as comfortable, especially on longer drives. The back seat is cramped for anyone taller then 4 feet or so, my friends sometimes complain during longer drives.

Since it's a 2 door, the back seat can be a bit awkward to access. It would be hard getting a baby into a child seat. Elderly people have had trouble getting out, as you have to stand up, while bending over, then climb out. For this reason I think the 4 door would be much more suitable as a family car.

The hatchback trunk means there's a ton of cargo space, and you're also able to fit bigger things that wouldn't fit through the trunk door on a sedan.

When the driver's seat is in it's farthest back position, the left blind spot gets blocked by the door frame, so the driver has to lean forwards to check it. Not difficult to get used to, but a bit annoying.

Overall a very good little car, no significant complaints. My Accent has never hesitated to start, even on cold Canadian nights, or after being parked 2 weeks under at least a foot of snow. I keep up with regular maintenance, but other than that the Accent hasn't required anything in terms of servicing.

I bought my Accent at RepoDepot, meaning it was a repossessed car. It was dirty, needed a new tire and windshield, and I couldn't test drive it. However, that meant I got a really great deal - $7000 CAD for a 1 year old car with only 14K. Other similar Accents were selling for around $11000. I'd say if you can get a good deal, don't hesitate about buying this car. I love it!

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Review Date: 20th January, 2008