29th Jun 2008, 19:19

Made the original report here. After my wife's 35MPG, the MPG once more reduced, with only occasional 34 & 35 MPG tanks.

Finally I took the Accent for a trip to Mt. Rainier & 5500 foot Chinook Pass from sea level. That trip & back turned a wonderful 42.6MPG. Careful feather footing will give you MPG to be proud of.

12th Jul 2008, 03:03

Following the tank with 40+MPG, 2 more tanks thru the mountains gave 41.5MPG & an astounding 45MPG. The last tank was NOT downhill, but rose from sealevel to 1400 feet & two 600 foot hills. Accent shows itself to be as fuel stingy as the Honda Fit, with a better warranty at a much lower cost.

14th Jul 2008, 08:05

Though this website continues to post our Hyundai Accent in the 2007 section, our car is a 2008. The website is misrepresenting, since the 2008 has several things different from the 2007.

My wife's tough commuter drive, which includes several areas of stop & go traffic, has been between 30 & 32+MPG, rising a bit as the weather warms. I was disappointed with the MPG. Her MPG has been close to the EPA highway MPG, but I thought the Accent EPA MPG standard to be pretty low. However, I have been able to drive this car on 3 daytrips over 1400, 3000, 4000 & 5500 foot mountain passes. Careful feather footing has gotten 41.5, 42.6, & 45.1 MPG! Mountain driving that is as much as 13 MPG OVER THE EPA highway standard is great! This MPG shows the Accent to be on a par with the Honda Fit & nearly as good as the Toyota Yaris.

If I had driven till the tank was nearly dry on the 45.1MPG tank, I could have driven 500+ miles!

Tho I haven't driven the car in commuter traffic, I believe it would give good MPG if feather footed. As I said, my wife's commute is tough.

Our Accent continues to function at 8800 miles almost 100% with no squeaks, creaks, or rattles. Make sure you tighten the gas cap 3 to 4 turns after placement. For some odd-ball reason, the check-engine light has come on unless we give the gas cap the extra twists.

14th Jul 2008, 08:09




Thanks for the review and the updates, they're much appreciated.

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Steven Jackson.

8th Apr 2009, 13:43

You and your wife got a great little car. This is my fourth Hyundai. Bought an Accent for my daughter and myself, (2000) then a Tuscon (2007) for my daughter, then another Accent for me (2008). Wanted the Tiburon but was concerned with safety as the back windows are extremely small and little visibility, so came home with another Accent and am very happy! Next is the Sante Fe for me, in a few years of course.

Cannot beat the warranty!