5th Dec 2009, 11:12

I'm the original poster - that's exactly my point! The car is pleasant to drive and meets my needs with no obvious deficiencies, it's well engineered, and was put together with care. I can't find anything wrong with it. I've bought new cars with numb steering or clutches that started to chatter after a year, or headlights that didn't show things they should have and so on...

5th Dec 2009, 16:40

I found the top review much better than most. He/she actually bothered to describe the driving experience in detail. Most experienced drivers would recognize the comments as helpful, especially about the handling. As a manual driver of compacts and subcompacts, I found the comments very helpful. Comparing to other cars that get good marks for handling creates a clearer picture of the Hyundai's abilities. I think he said there was "nothing remarkable" about the brakes, which is reassuring in this price-mark. Sometimes the brakes and lights ARE remarkable... because they are weak or don't function adequately. Most reviews are nothing more than "I love it!" and some other observations about gas mileage and appearance. This review tells something about the driving experience... which real drivers want to know about.

6th Dec 2009, 12:01

I'm the original poster and I wanted to write my review in the style of the old days of Car & Driver. I don't have the measuring instrumentation they do, and I'm NOT about to find out how quickly it stops, the 0-60 time, flat out top speed and the maximum cornering g-force on a skidpad - I want this car to last me a long time after doing a careful break-in. I decided to report what would be important to me if I was looking for a new car and stumbled across this site.

The older reports with their histories of mechanical breakages and good or bad treatment by the dealers helped me, too. I ALSO compared the reports of all years of the Chevy Cobalts to see if they matched mine so far and to learn what to expect in the future. What I saw confirmed my experiences, gave me bad forebodings for the future and strengthened my desire to trade the car before the warranty ran out - which my wife jokingly said was the sell-by date like that on a loaf of bread!

So other than cliche's like "I Love/Hate It", gushing over the radio (which IS very nice with the Sirius/XM and the abundant speaker-punishing wattage), or flame wars over foreign/import loyalty, what else can I say? I visited this site to look for informed opinions and experiences to help me form my own mental list about what small, affordable cars to look at, and which ones to stay far, far away from.

6th Dec 2009, 16:56

"...I wanted to write my review in the style of the old days of Car & Driver."

I would hope that Car & Driver would put more than 10 miles on a car before writing a review.

7th Dec 2009, 11:09

Your review is excellent, and the precise figures obtained by instrumentation should always take a back seat to the SUBJECTIVE experience of driving the cars themselves. Many cars FEEL faster than they are, and cornering G-forces mean little to the average driver.

I find the Hyundai to be an excellent car. In 2006 I was on the verge of buying a new Tiburon coupe. Literally just before I walked out the door to close the deal I stumbled upon this site. After reading horror stories about dealers refusing to honor Hyundai's warranty I canceled my deal and bought a Ford Mustang. I still regard Hyundai as one of the world's best cars, but I continue to hear horror stories about the refusal by dealers to honor the warranty. Are any of the rest of you experiencing anything of that sort? My best friend bought an Accent and was told that if he even bought a tire or a battery from anyone but the Hyundai dealer his warranty would be canceled. I do all my own servicing and keep the receipts as proof. Most car companies find this perfectly acceptable.

7th Dec 2009, 23:07

First, let me say that someone here seems more interested in demeaning the reviews than adding anything valuable.

I would suggest they find somewhere else to go, and stop wasting the time of serious readers.

Secondly, I own an '09 Accent SE 3-door, ebony with black interior, and I absolutely love this car. I have added a few things, but it was very nice as delivered. I took my time choosing a car (four months) and made a good decision.

Dealerships are different, one from another, but no Hyundai Dealership can threaten your warranty because you choose to purchase batteries elsewhere. It illegal to do that in the United States at least. I would contact Hyundai directly if you feel you are being intimidated and mislead by a dealership. There are laws which protect consumers from that kind of tactic.

I changed out my battery immediately after purchase, and installed a light-weight dry-cell battery, which the dealership was totally aware of. They had no problem. You should always consult your owners manual to make sure you are using appropriate products on your Hyundai, and maintain the vehicle according to the schedules provided. You can purchase motor oil, batteries etc. anywhere you choose. Just make sure that they meet the proper specifications for your car. Keep your receipts and record all work or changes.

Also, there are a lot of disreputable people, including dealers, that post on-line fictional "horror stories" about Hyundai and other competing car manufacturers. They want to scare you away from Hyundai and over into their car lot. I suggest you treat them with a grain of salt, especially if most people reviewing their Hyundai seem well treated... and most do. You can run into a bad factory Rep, one who tries to deny legitimate warranty claims, even those that are okayed by the manager of the Service Center. But that is rare.

Check out a dealership with the BBB or ask people about their car-buying experience at a dealership before buying. If you are worried, buy a car else where. From the owner reviews I have been reading, all over the internet, most Hyundai owners seem pleased with the cars and the treatment they have received. Again, don't believe everything you hear, and do some research.

8th Dec 2009, 17:08

Good point. In our area we have incredibly GOOD GM dealers and Ford dealers that are so dishonest I wouldn't let them oil my roller skates. I drive my Fords an hour past our local dealership to get service at a more honest Ford dealer. One Dodge dealership here actually told some of it's buyers (and I'm one of them) "We won't fix you car and there's nothing you can do about it". (At the time my car was 3 weeks old). I paid to have the warped rotor replaced. I also never set foot in that dealership again.

23rd Jan 2010, 14:09

I think this is an excellent review. I'm a high school student, and I'm currently looking into a newer vehicle to replace my current one (1995 Plymouth Neon Sport, it's been pretty good to me, but it's really starting to show it's age. Bad suspension bushings, a failing rear main seal, faulty wheel speed sensor, and some valve noise are it's current issues. I'm in the automotive program at my technical highschool in case you're wondering how it is I know so much.)

And the Hyundai Accent 3-door is on my list. I've heard good things about it on other sites, and my mother owns a 2007 Hyundai Elantra, which has been great thus far, so I trust the Hyundai name. This review really helped me make my decision though, I think I'll opt for the Accent (Other options were Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. Both of which are a bit more than I can afford.)