7th Jul 2001, 21:50

Our 2000 Hyundai Accent GS has the same unpredictable loss of rpm's and loss of power train response. We've had it into the dealer 8 times over the last 10 months. They say they have never heard of this problem, don't know what is causing it but that it should be alright each time we leave. We wrote to the Hyundai Canadian Head Office and complained. Their advice was to take it back to the dealership for the 9th time.

On snowy, icy or rain slicked roads loss of power train response makes handling the car vry tricky and frightening. We're going to log this performance problem on the NHTSA (USA) site to ensure that there is a formal record of this, we feel dangerous performance issue.

We suggest you also report the problem to the NHTSA site. There may be a lot more of us out there that just need to see it in print.

17th Oct 2001, 03:37

I'm not having any problems with my Accent GS. It does leave a lot to be desired, in the fact that it's kinda hit and miss with the response, but I've done engine work on mine and now it responds great (yes I know kinda doesn't really mean anything for a stock Hyundai). I had no problems from the time I bought it till the time I altered it.

30th Mar 2003, 20:23

I have a 2001 Accent GL with automatic transmission. I bought my car new and have had nothing but headaches. At 10,500 miles it started jerking fiercely; I took it to the dealer and they replaced the pulse generator. At 21,042 miles it began jerking when it was shifting again and this time they replaced the reed switch, when I picked the car up I got less than 1 mile away when it started jerking again - this time they replaced a cable. At 25,000 I experienced the jerking again; this time my transmission was replaced. At 38,656 miles it started jerking again and another cable was replaced. At 52,300 my plug wires had to be replaced. At about 53,000 miles I was on a long trip when the car locked up in the middle of the road, it was towed to the nearest dealership where I was told the pulse generator would have to be replaced; the next day they called me to say they were replacing the transmission yet again!!! I was stuck for eight hours before I could get back home. My Accent is serviced every 3,000 miles and I have taken excellent care of my piece of junk. any questions email me at sweet_n_moody@hotmail.com.

7th Nov 2004, 12:48

Are these transmission problems with auto or manual.