17th Feb 2018, 17:12

Computers and smart phones never have problems either, eh?

17th Feb 2018, 17:56

Yeah, there's a lot of things on this site that I notice too. One in particular a few years ago was when a commenter on here was repeatedly complaining about how their vehicle wouldn't start and had to be towed to the dealership because the SYNC system was malfunctioning. Now there's some irony for ya.

17th Feb 2018, 21:41

This was a rental car in this review. We love renting late model cars when shopping for new ones and actually feel it’s far better than some brief new car test drive with a new car salesman bantering the whole way. There’s no maintenance by the way on a rental. Why not get a really nice one to drive. Luxury car special. We have new cars and still rent once in a while. And not just vacation taking an airport rental on arrival somewhere. If you are shopping for a new car, try this on a few ones you have narrowed down. We drive to visit a couple family members in Ohio from the east coast to be there by dinner. The nice thing is if a car does break down, you pick up another in the area. If your personal car goes down doing the same round trip, you may miss work on Monday. We get the weekend special and it’s cheap and fun to try them out.

18th Feb 2018, 17:46

Yeah you're right. Everybody should avoid those electronic conveniences because ONE person posted about a problem with their SYNC "a few years ago". How about we all drive 1983 Chevettes? Would that make you happy?

19th Feb 2018, 14:16

Oh yeah I'm sure across the entire nation there is only "one" person having problems with the millions of modern cars on the road... Please.

19th Feb 2018, 16:53

A Chevette is a little too bland and small for my taste. Never was big on compacts. But if you find one I'm sure it will do you good seeing how there is really nothing to them. I knew a guy with a diesel model and it wouldn't die. They had a run from 76 - 87, so you should be able to acquire one in good condition. Just be careful of rust, a problem most manufacturers had back then. Good luck.

19th Feb 2018, 19:19

I forgave Justin Timberlake for *NSYNC years ago. Time to give it up.

19th Feb 2018, 21:56

Would that make me happy?

In all honesty I really don't care what it is that you or anybody on here drives.

The problem is that you keep on reigniting the whole old vs new topic without any explanation on why you believe old is bad.

Yeah I know, old cars had sloppy handling (if you didn't know how to drive them) poor fuel economy, and so on.

But, that doesn't mean they were unreliable. Body on frame cars could take a beating and still roll the odometer once or twice. Engines were basic. What could go wrong? Water pump? Oil leak? Fuel pump? Those examples can also happen to a modern day car ON TOP of all the high tech electronic controlled just about everything items.

Points have been made. Both sides have ups and downs. Let's quit while we are ahead shall we?

19th Feb 2018, 22:27

Oh yeah I'm sure there were "millions" of breakdowns but only ONE person complained?

Please indeed.

20th Feb 2018, 12:58

The beauty is having the privilege of owning both a modern and a well taken care of older vehicle. Well sorted out, truly immaculate, and one with real character to drive. We truly appreciate our classics. In turn the modern ones are more of a cocoon and isolate the driving experience. They lack the character of the vintage. Even new ones well into 6 figures. A different breed and experience. Each with their pluses and minuses. Ours do not stay stock long. Even then it is still a very different experience. You find yourself not driving both eras the same day. Different handling, shifting etc throws you off doing so. But they are fun to put through their paces or just cruise on a nice day. My vote is having both if possible.

20th Feb 2018, 13:09

I guess all repair shops are going to go broke and fold.

23rd Feb 2018, 18:34

Newer vehicles also have their own, different, "character". You simply prefer that of the older ones, most likely out of familiarity.

23rd Mar 2018, 23:56

Newer vehicles have "character"? Yeah, uh, if you like sedans and crossovers that look like short, stubby, bloated turtles.