16th Dec 2007, 17:10

I have a 2000 Accent, and I have one problem that doesn't seem to go away, or it does, but then it comes back. My check engine light comes on, and then goes off, then it will stay on for a long time, and then go off. Can anyone help me figure this problem out or is anyone dealing with the same thing. We checked the oil, and a lot of other things as well, how do we fix it. : (

8th Feb 2008, 07:47

I have a 1999 Excel with 135,000km on the clock.

I had a very annoying, auto transmission problem, which took me some time to find the fault. It was shifting out of first gear late, at 3500 rpm, & back to first at 30 kph with a jerk. I took it to transmission place & the guy said it was driving normal. Unsatisfied, I took it to another, he serviced it & was angry because he spent 4 hours trying to find the fault, which he did not find. So I had to fix it myself. It was related to speed of the car, VSS was OK, & no codes on ECU. I changed the pulse generators with second hand units from wreckers for $20. They read the speed of the auto in & out, for shift timing. THIS FIXED THE PROBLEM. The reason there was no codes, is the coils & wiring in the pulse generators were fine, but the output generator had a shattered magnet in it, & would not create enough volts to send to TCM for vehicle speed.

I hate taking my cars to mechanics & do all servicing myself, because they do not think outside the square & cost money for nothing.

I think Hyundai are good car if looked after. Mine runs very well on LPG, & is very cheap to fill up.

Thanks from Dave (Australia)

15th Mar 2008, 08:32

My daughters 2000 Accent is a great car, but I just started having a problem with the overdrive switch; the tranny shifts rough, but it seems OK, but it won't go into O/D. Any ideas?

7th Apr 2008, 15:06

I also have a 2000 Accent and I am having transmission problems. It randomly slides and really forces to accelerate... and that's not talking about the electrical problems I have; my dashboard lights don't work and lights that are not supposed to be on, turn on and drain my battery... my Dad has spent hours trying to figure out the problem.

I'm afraid it's going to cost me a lot.. the car was cheap but the repairs are not.. I have many other little problems, but those are the most annoying ones... it's not a bad car, but I guess it's getting old; 8 years old!! And it's rusting a lot!!

25th Apr 2008, 12:02

Re warning light flashing on and off. I had the same problem with my 2001 Accent. I could go for weeks with no problem and then it would start flashing, or just stay on. It seemed worse when it was cold, especially cold and damp and the car would idle rough. I took it in to my wonderful mechanics yesterday and they are replacing the ignition wires which were burned out.

I am getting my car back today, because I had a lot of other maintenance stuff done which I have neglected, but I've been going to these mechanics for years and they always find and fix the problem; I've never had to bring my car back for something not properly fixed. So it might be your ignition wires.

Also, my windshield wipers stopped working as per other posts, and that is also being repaired/replaced.

Hope this helps.

25th Apr 2008, 12:08

Just an addition to my earlier comment--I would also avoid dealers; I had no luck with them and paid through the roof. Even if it's under warranty, I have found it cheaper to bring the car to a really trustworthy, honest mechanic in the long run. Also, being naive, I used to take my car to one of the really big chains (Calgary, Canada) and my bills were ridiculously high for things I hadn't even asked for, and the problems I had asked to be fixed weren't.

Ask your friends to recommend a good mechanic.

6th Aug 2008, 19:55

I have the same problem with the Overdrive and the rough shifts. Any suggestions??

19th Aug 2008, 14:48

August 19, 2008.

I own a 97 Accent, automatic transmission, which has actually been a very good car. But over the past few months a weird electrical problem has been happening that sounds a bit like the starting problem mentioned above.

I turn the key to start and no radio or dashboard lights come on. The engine turns over once but no start. With the key still in the start position, suddenly all the electric comes on. I turn the engine over and it starts. This happens completely randomly. Sometimes it takes six or seven tries to get it going.

Second problem that could be related, and this is the worst, is I'm driving along and all of a sudden all the electrical dies... radio goes off, power steering gone, no dashboard lights. I slip into neutral and it usually restarts.

My mechanic whose a pretty honest guy can't find the problem. He ran some codes -- I know nothing about cars and don't have a clue what that means -- but can't find anything.

Anyone have any ideas?


15th Sep 2008, 21:45

My wife owns a 99 Accent. We have been searching for the problem with the transmission not shifting correctly. Was only operating in 3rd gear (limp mode). Started reading some of these forums and checking into the pulse generator. I did not replace it, but just took the top side one apart, cleaned it and put a hefty dab of di-electric grease on it. So far, so good. Car is shifting very smooth again! I'm actually quite amazed there isn't a recall on this yet from all the post's that I have seen with this issue.

21st Sep 2008, 23:47

I have a 2000 Accent, and am the original owner. I've had the MAF die on me after the 3rd or 4th year. So I drove with the check engine on for a couple of years before dropping the $200 on the replacement sensor.

About 2 years ago, I had the timing belt blow on me. I hadn't replaced it when I should have, so it killed the engine. Being short of money, I couldn't replace the car so I replaced the engine. Long story short, they had to ship a engine from another Accent in Florida up to Maryland. Before the engine rebuild, the car was burning about 1 quart of oil every 1K miles. There was no leak, but I'm sure the seals weren't as good as they should have been. Thus causing the car to burn the oil, but not enough to cause problems that would contribute to the check engine light turning on.

Well now the check engine light is on again. I'm suspecting the MAF again. If a trip to Advance Auto reveals the codes I'm familiar with, I'll be dropping about $140 on a new MAF.

Bottom line; the MAF seams to be a very common problem with the early 2000 Accents. Only other problem I have is trying to figure out how to repair the lines on the rear window for the rear defrost.