18th Mar 2008, 23:20

Hello, me again.

Now at 170,000km.

Still having problems with the brakes, having the whole system replaced yet again.

Shock absorbers replaced at 165,000km, and a few other bits at its major winter service.

Its starting to show its age, rusting around the back wheel arches, and at connection points with the back bumper and frame.

Still as quick as ever it was, fuel consumption still pretty good for a car of its mileage, still averaging 500km to a tankful on the highway, but about 300 round town in the winter.

Took a hit to the rear end today, this might be the end of the car, waiting to hear from the insurance company. Will be sorry to see it go if it does go.

22nd Aug 2009, 20:18

Last review for this car.

Sold it on at 194,000 km. Nothing else really major went wrong, but moving to another country made it impossible to take it with me. If I stayed in Canada I would have kept it, and would have expected at least another 100,000 km out of it. Rust was starting to become noticeable, but it got through the safety check before I sold it with just the parking brake to tighten up. Brake parts replaced AGAIN about 6 months before I sold it. Do the brakes every nine months or so, and hopefully you will get them done under warranty like I did, that saves a ton of cash, and keeps them working safely. Owned the car for over 5 years, which is the longest I have owned any car. Will miss it.

23rd Aug 2009, 16:33

The frequency of import brake repairs blows my mind!! Our Honda required pads every 30,000 miles and I thought THAT was bad!! Our current cars are 9, 7, 4 and 3 years old respectively and only 1 (the oldest) has EVER had the brake pads replaced, and then it was only the front pads, which cost me $17 and took 15 minutes for me to replace. Our 7-year-old GM car has right at 80,000 miles now and has NEVER had the pads replaced. We generally get 100,000 miles out of the pads on our domestics.

24th Aug 2009, 14:54

I think it's all in how somebody drives. My last import, a Honda Accord, didn't need to have the pads replaced until roughly 120,000 miles. However, my last vehicle, a Ford Focus, required new pads AND rotors every 25,000 miles!

11th Sep 2010, 05:41

This car is still going strong. I sold it to a friend of mine, and other than some minor adjustments over last winter with the electrics (HT lead etc, replacing original parts), it continues in the same reliable manner it always did.

It has over 200,000km now and is still reliable and in daily use.