23rd Jan 2005, 02:42

I brought a 2002 Accent and found it to be the most reliable car I have ever driven. I have recently sold it due to upgrading cars and got a good price for a second hand cheap car. I would not buy one again... after reading all of these comments, but it was great while it lasted! The paint was very cheap and chipped extremely easy, although it was blue so that wouldn't have helped!!

10th Feb 2005, 09:53

I recently purchased a 2002 accent. Nothing but problems. First the alternator, and now Coolant leak. I regret buying it, with my warranty I have to pay $100 per component.

22nd Mar 2006, 02:37

I have had my 2002 Accent GL since 26,000km's and three days after I bought it the throttle sensor went out on it and left my car flying at 50km/hr, I was not able to shift into neutral, my breaks wouldn't slow me down, and I was entering a residential area, I shut the car off, shifted to neutral and was lucky. I was ready to return it to the dealer, but was convinced otherwise. Since getting the problem fixed, I haven't yet had a single problem with it. I now have 109 000 km's on it and it runs as well as the day after I got it fixed. I like my little car and it has been good to me other than the one problem (which some consider to be a big issue). I have never had any problems with the paint as some of the comments I have read, maybe you just bought lemons.

10th Aug 2006, 21:44

Dude, are you saying you turned off the engine when going 50?? Do that, and you lose power steering and brakes... what if someone jumped in front of you?!?!?

Just shift to neutral and let the engine rev it's tiny little heart out till you're safely stopped. Dead engines are cheaper than dead people.

11th Aug 2006, 01:47

A colleague of mine has a 2002, and my grandmother a 2000 with very low mileage. Nothing major has failed on either, but dozens of smaller things, a lot of electrics. It is in for regular service and every time something has to be changed. The 3 year warranty is no longer valid and my colleague is getting cold feets and thinking of replacing. These cars are cheap to buy new, but even cheaper to buy used meaning massive deprecation. Think about this when considering to buy new, buying a new Corolla is probably wiser. More expensive, but fewer problems and less deprecation when you sell it.

13th Aug 2006, 11:23

I have been a new owner for both a 2002 Hyundai Accent and a 2004 Hyundai Accent. The biggest problem I have experienced so far is the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) in both cars.

I have it fully documented...I've been driving along my residential street at about 20 m.p.h. and all of a sudden the car will begin to accelerate without me touching the accelerator!

It's very frightening because problems like this can cause unexpected injuries to others.

I do not anticipate buying another Hyundai again until Hyundai corrects this sensor problem in its line of Accents.

21st Dec 2006, 00:41

Accents are the one of the cheapest made cars out on the market, only beaten by Kia which are even worse (don't get me started now...). If you at all expect your car to last 10 or 15 years which other brands do, forget it. What you can hope for is that problems are covered under warranty for the first few years and that the dealer does not milk you all the way to the bank. After that you are on your own and your car can turn into a financial nightmare. The repair expenses over the 3 next years can easily ADD UP TO HALF OF THE INITIAL PURCHASE PRICE! You'd be stuck with a car loan and high repair bills.

9th Jan 2007, 05:59

I've had my Hyundai Accent for 6 years. Bought it brand new in 2000. Over all I've been happy with it. I kept up the service on it with the dealer and had regular checkups. It has been great on gas and I really have not had any major problems with it until now. I'm at over 120,000 miles and now I'm seeing issues (minor and major) -- windshield wiper arm had to be replaced, oil leaks, and transmission is having problems. I would say, that even with all of this, for at least 5 years it's been a great car -- just was not good for over 100,000 miles for me - and of course this is when the warranty ends!... I am now looking for another car (just don't want to invest the money in repairs for this one) and am looking for something with a little more style. I'd recommend this car however. It's easy to drive, good on gas, very affordable vehicle and I personally didn't have any problems with it for most of the time I've had it. The only things I didn't like about it was it lacks style and power.

23rd Jan 2007, 16:40

I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent GS hatchback. The previous owner took extremely good care of it and it's been serviced and had regular checkups every 3,000 miles as recommended. Any car can be a great car if taken care of properly, and the Hyundai Accent is no exception. Every car also has it's problems, there's no such thing as a perfect car. Overall, though, my Hyundai suits me and I love it to death. The only problem I have with it is that parts are a bit expensive if you take it to a dealer for service, but I haven't needed any except for a new rim because of an incident involving snow and a curb...

I highly recommend this car if you want a cheap, small car with high gas mileage and decent leg room. It's definitely worth it.

14th Aug 2007, 07:11

Aug 14,2007

I just purchased a 2002 Hyundai Accent in good condition and low miles. I notice that two things already need repairing that were mentioned in comments from others. The windshield wiper motor and some electrical work on the side view mirrors. I hope that is not an indication of future problems.

5th Nov 2007, 13:20

I own a 2002 Hyundai Accent and I'm currently at 97,000 miles. I have had minimal problems up until this year. I had to have a brand new transmission put in (but it was part of the warranty thank goodness!) and now the windshield wiper motor is now starting to go as well. All in all, a very reliable car.

3rd Jul 2008, 23:37

My sister owns a 2002 Accent.

First it started with windshield wiper motor not spitting out fluid, but you could hear the motor working.

Then the horn stopped and now the shifter sticks in park and won't budge.

Then on the same day the turn signals also stopped working. I am afraid that this is an electrical short, but don't know where to begin. Could use some help if anybody else has gone through this same stuff?

4th Sep 2009, 23:48

I've got a 2002 Hyundai Accent GL, best car I've ever gotten. Definitely would recommend this car, specially for the MPG it does, plus it's fast and fun to drive. Of course you need to take good care of it, oil changes.. etc.

15th Jan 2011, 02:05

I bought my Hyundai Accent 2002 two years ago. I've taken good care of it, and it's now at 60000km. My first problem about a year ago is when I try to pump gas, it takes 20 minutes to get it full. Every second I have to pull the handle to get a tiny bit of gas, and the past month it started smoking a little, and smelled like burned plastic, I haven't noticed any leaks on the ground. I'm really worried, everyone has different ideas on what's wrong at the car repair places, I think they are just trying to milk me for money. Please give me suggestions on what you think the problem is?