16th Feb 2005, 11:34

I would guess either a sensor or the idle air control valve wasn't working properly.

31st Jul 2005, 10:51

I love my Accent, but I too have a problem with it revving up and idling too high. I'm thinking it might be the throttle position sensor, but what I don't know is; is it under warranty or is it something that I have to pay for out of my pocket.

16th Jan 2007, 17:36

My car when you are shifting into second gear makes a really loud grinding noise. what is causing this and what should I do?

23rd Jul 2007, 07:32

I have a KIA Spectra and the similar thing happened. It looked like the wire was too tight, thus, keeping the throttle up. Maybe it's electronics going hay-wire, but loosening up the throttle wire did it for my car.

Good luck!

I'm so-so for these cars, but my budget is low. It's that or take the bus...

22nd Jan 2009, 19:24

To answer some problems with the car: Check the idle control and idle it down. Sometimes when the dealer you get it from idles them up, when they have a stray running problem.

I buy lots of cars, and to answer the grinding question asked; my sons car does the same. Check the flood. It's like grease and not tranny flood. I am going to have his looked at right now.

We are having brake sticking problems on my dad's Elantra and shimming in the front end. My son's Accent is doing the same. So I am going to have the tires checked and they said my dads was cause of the brake line collapsing. Then to make matters worse, the CV joints on both sides of my son's car are clicking and getting ready to go out. 86,000 miles is all he has on the car. Midas will fix it for 69.00 each axle and approx 200.00 labor for both. Not bad.

It is a very great first car for a new driver, but the clutch is different when it shifts, and so the new driver can take out a tranny. Mess up.

They can run very fast for a 4 banger... LOL.

23rd Jul 2009, 04:26

For idle problems, get your throttle body cleaned after every 40 to 50 thousand kms. Cleaning the throttle body will get your car back into its position.