1999 Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution 2.0 litre from UK and Ireland


This car is nice looking, and drives really well


I have owned my Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution for just over 2 years now.

It has been great until recently, I had the car up for sale and it was left standing for 3 weeks, but I would start it up on weekends no problem.

I then decided not to sell it, and when I started it up, the engine revs were low, it was very loud and the whole car was rattling. I thought it was the exhaust, so I got it on a ramp, and the downpipe and cat were glowing red hot, I got the cat sorted, but it is now popping and banging, and my mechanic said it is running on two cylinders and he doesn't know why. Overall it doesn't sound good, has anybody else had any problems like this? Thanks!

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Review Date: 20th February, 2011

26th Apr 2012, 15:42

I might be a bit late answering to your problem, but it sounds to me as if you have flooded the engine by starting it at weekends, and perhaps not warming it up. The cat will glow red hot if the car is misfiring, as unburnt fuel is burning when it gets into the cat. The remedy is to remove and dry out the spark plugs, then give the car a run to warm it up.

1999 Hyundai Coupe SE 2.0L 16v DOHC from UK and Ireland


Fast, affordable and a real head turner!


A few rattles and a whistle here and there, but apart from that I've had no problems at all!

General Comments:

For a fast, affordable, stylish looking they don't come much better than this!

The car is a very comfortable ride with a good seating position and all the knobs and dials you need in a tidy cluster.

The car handles like a dream the steering is so smooth it really does take no effort at all to drive!

It will do 0-60 in just over 8 seconds and still has plenty of grunt even in the higher gears.

The interior is stylish and everything is colour coded giving a sleek look to the car.

As for insurance, I am only 18 years old and I pay just under 900 pounds a year fully comp on the 2.0L model.

This is my 5th car and my 2nd coupe and I know what I'm buying next, Another coupe!

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

8th Mar 2006, 14:15

Inspired me to turn my vague interest in the car into a burning desire to be sat behind the wheel of one, car sounds good..

8th Mar 2006, 21:38

I agree with you there dude, absolutely gorgeous car for the money, especially the face lifted new models with the smoked lamps etc. How many years no claims you got to get a quote like that???

25th Mar 2006, 15:32

Well I Just got my hands on one of these babies, It's the 2Ltr Variety On an R Reg (98)

And I gotta tell ya, it's a real stunner. My first coupe of any variety and I'm well impressed, I've give it some round some quiet bendy roads, and this Car sticks to the road perfectly... Took me a day or two to get the hang of the Clutch/Throttle as the clutch needs to be right at the end of the peddle, and the throttle only needs a tweak!! But once I mastered it I havn't looked back... So after just 1 week with this car, I'm proper in love with it!!

Nice One Hyundai!!!

25th Sep 2006, 17:57

£900 fully comp at 18 sounds like a porkie to me why lie? if its true who it with as I'm in know about insurance.

13th Feb 2013, 18:03

I'm 19 and looking at buying one, 1 years no claims, with Admiral car insurance, it will cost me £900 for insurance... on the 2.0L, which just for some reason appears to be very cheap! However the 1.6L Coupe is only £60 cheaper than the 2.0L for insurance... I'm definitely going for the 2.0L! Haha.