8th Sep 2010, 17:46

I drove my 05 Elantra brand new off the lot. It has 113,000 miles on it.

Today is the first day I've had it in the shop for anything, and that was to replace the brake pads. Call me stupid, I haven't done any of the preventative maintenance on it yet.

It's been a great car! I'm going to get the timing belt changed next week. I'm driving it on borrowed time.

28th Sep 2010, 11:01

I have close to 100k and just the tires and brakes were replaced. I will change timing belt this week. Great car.

Does anyone know the crash rating on a 2005 Elantra? I may give this car to my son, but only if the crash ratings are good.


29th Sep 2010, 20:12

Just got back from the dealership, $587.15 to change the timing belt, all the drive belts, oil & lube, and multi-point 90K miles inspection for my 2001 Elantra. Even though I'm only at 80K miles, my belts were cracking, and figured I might as well have everything looked at. I could have saved some money at a reputable shop, but I didn't.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my little car... especially for the price! I thought the $587 bill was high, but after reading this forum, I guess it's reasonable.

30th Sep 2010, 17:11

As a mechanic who does all his own servicing, I can assure you, you got a GOOD DEAL. That is a very reasonable price for all that was involved. I am boggled by some of the utterly LUDICROUS prices I see being charged for a minor service. I have seen people pay $900 for a brake job. I did my last brake job in my garage during my lunch hour for less than $40. It is such a simple procedure, my wife can do it. People really need to learn to do basic repairs or win the lottery. When I see complaints from people paying $500 for a $20 part that requires 15 minutes to replace, I cringe.

1st Nov 2010, 09:40

My little Hydundai Elantra, is a 2005, got it in 2004 brand new.

My car today just turned 200k miles today, it is being replaced for the second time for the timing belt and the 4th for the others, my car has crossed this great country 5 times, this coming month heading to Vegas. My little car rocks, no major issues with the timing belt, no issues with anything expect when my car battery died in AR, but other than that. She has been happy as cake.

For this visit for all my belts will be under 600.00 I see a local gas station down the street from my house, I save about 150-200 for the work, I trust them. Brakes that I got done I paid less than 550.00. When I had an issue on the road a few months back they paid for someone else to fix it.

I cover the east coast for work.

But I am very happy with Hyundai, I won't be able to get my new one from them. So I have to change. But soon my car by May will have 250k miles on it.

11th Dec 2010, 05:59

My 2005 Hyundai Elantra is the car of a dream... it was the car of a very good friend of mine, and she passed it to me (free) in almost mint condition, except with high mileage, but all the receipts. Not that many; that let me know the car was good.

Looking now for a timing belt replacement... she did the first when the car had around 223 000 miles. Now the car's got almost 400 000 miles, and looking to replace the timing belt for a second time...

Good car overall, just a little expensive on parts... also very simple to fix things... hope to have it in original condition till 1000 000 miles...

4th Jul 2012, 13:38

FYI... Most Toyotas have used a zero-maintenance timing chain since 1998. I have a 2001 Corolla with 190k miles on its OE timing chain.

4th Apr 2015, 19:45

My 2005 Elantra is at 61K, and many people (including my mechanic) say I should take it in at 80K, as most newer model timing belts will last longer than 60K. Had anyone had bad experiences with the timing belt breaking right after 60K? Great comments here...

22nd Apr 2016, 13:40

It was under warranty, but not changed at the advised service interval so they charged a fee; should have been free otherwise.