9th Jun 2010, 14:20

June 2010, 100,000 miles this week!

Follow up to the original 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT post.

The car is amazing. I am at 100k miles this week and I have had no alignment issues, suspension, electrical, A/C or mechanical issues.

I have gotten new tires and a new set of belts. This car is all that I could ask for. It has never broken down, performs great and is still tight in the steering and powerful in the 4 cylinder engine.

By this point in my VW I had replaced numerous electrical malfunctions as well as a Turbo ($1600).

Very Satisfied with the reliability and longevity of this car. I had one mechanic tell me that this was a "5 year car", designed to fall apart at 5 years or 100k miles. I guess I will find out sometime this year. All I can say is that is performs just as well in all regards, as it did at my posting at 50,000 miles and at 72,000 miles.

9th Aug 2010, 14:42

I have the 2005 GT Automatic, and have loved it. Only recently am I experiencing some issues, and I think it's due to maintenance time-related problems. My performance/horsepower has seen a big dip in the last year-ish, and I've been trying to isolate what is the cause. I did a tune up, replaced the tires, brakes/rotors, changed to synthetic, use occasional fuel injector cleaner, and not much has changed.

I'm at 72,000 miles now, and will be replacing all my belts/fluids, water pump, and other small things. Dealership was terrible. I inherited the car, and my mom was paying hundreds each maintenance check, and they wanted over $600 for the 60k checkup. Pffft. "Timing belts are expensive" - $35.

8th Sep 2011, 00:37

I am the owner of this 2005 Hyundai. Thought I would give a continued follow up.

I just passed 130,000 miles. I am driving around 22,000 to 24,000 miles per year. I truly could not be happier with the reliability of the car. I do not drive it slowly or gingerly. I frequently drive 80 mph loaded with gear, hot southern California weather, A/C blaring. I have had no issues with the car whatsoever. I really am waiting for the car to do SOMETHING, but it doesn't. I follow standard, recommended maintenance for the most part... all except for the synthetic oil that I run.

I am averaging around 27-28 mpg, but that is combined, and usually with some gear in the car, and I rarely drive 55 mph if I can help it.

If Hyundai made tires to match the car, I would buy them in a second. I go through a lot of tires, with the heat, mileage, speed, load, etc.

At around 85 or 90,000 miles, I did attach a U-Haul trailer hitch to the car and towed a small trailer to Colorado. I made no speed records, to be sure, but the car was capable of doing it.

I really can't ask much more of a car; for the way that I drive and the demands that I put on a car, it holds up amazingly well. Wish I could post photos. I will follow up again after a few more dozen thousand miles.