29th Sep 2009, 19:24

Just an update from the original reviewer:

My son has borrowed my car a number of times now. He has learned how to "pop the clutch." I guess this means to rev the engine high and then step off the clutch quickly and spin the tires. Something I would NEVER do, but alas, my son has done it a few times. The first time he did it was out of our driveway, (and yes I was quite unhappy with him for doing so) but still, I was surprised at it's power. It spun it's tires for a good 50 ft or so, smoking them like crazy. It was pretty amazing considering it's just a little 4-banger. And even with my son doing this on occasion, there has been ZERO problems. It's nearly bullet-proof this thing is! I plan to drive this sucker straight into the ground.

30th Sep 2009, 18:35

Original Reviewer here:

...Spoke far to soon. Car broke down on me today. Was going around a corner and easing back onto the gas when the engine began to sputter and die. Check Engine light started flashing at that point. I'm only at 56,600 miles. I'm not sure what went wrong as of yet. It's in the shop as I write this. I guess Hyundai hasn't quite caught up with Honda and Toyota as I originally thought. What's more embarrassing is that I had to be picked up from the repair shop by my son in his '95 Neon. First time I've ever had trouble with an import, but then again all of my imports except this Hyundai have been Honda's. I guess Honda is still king. Will definitely be going back to them next.

1st Oct 2009, 16:49

Would "popping the clutch" have anything to do with it?

2nd Oct 2009, 16:23

"Would "popping the clutch" have anything to do with it?"

Original Reviewer here!

No that had nothing to do with it. It turns out I had a cylinder 4 misfire. The problem I was having had absolutely nothing to do with the clutch.

23rd Nov 2009, 15:31

Original Reviewer again.

Brought it in for its 60,000 mile service (had it done at my son's tech high school, gave up on Hyundai warranty after the cylinder misfire issue, was treated very poorly by Hyundai.)

Have had no issues since the cylinder 4 misfire, and still very happy with it. Have been getting around 40 MPG, but I expect it will go up soon as I just switched over to synthetic oil.

17th Jan 2010, 16:48

Update again:

I have 66,000 miles now. I've had only one issue besides the misfire thus far. The bladder in one of the motor mounts ruptured, and has caused some noticeable vibration in the clutch pedal. It hasn't caused any other vibrations, you can only feel it through the clutch. And I know it isn't the, clutch because I had my local mechanic check it for me (I trust him, he's never ripped me off. And actually told me that I should do maintenance and other light work at my sons school to give them some experience.) He drove it around town for a good 10 miles and informed me that the pedal vibration was definitely not caused by the clutch, but most likely by the faulty motor mount. I'll replace the mount when vibrations get worse.

Other than that, I haven't had any other issues. It still runs great, and I'm getting about 33 MPG (it's winter time here in New England, so I expected the lower MPG's.)

14th Mar 2010, 12:36

Hi. I have owned my Hyundai Elantra for 2 yrs. It's a 2006, and had 34,000 miles on her when I bought her. She now has 82,000 miles. I just had the radiator replaced because a hole had blown out of it. I live in a small town, and the garage that I took my car to said it was the second Hyundai in their shop for the same problem in a week. I thought this to be unusual. Has anyone else had a problem with their radiator? Or was my situation unique?

15th Mar 2010, 16:54

I'm the original reviewer, and in response to the person having trouble with their radiator, I have to say I've never had any issues with the cooling system. I'd say that 2 Hyundai's needing a new radiator in the same week is pure coincidence. Not to mention you don't really see very many, if any, complaints of cooling system issues on '06 Elantra's on this site. You can't force a recall for 2 cars with the same problem.

You mention you live in a small town. Small towns usually mean smaller roads that usually receive less maintenance than larger roads and highways (I also live in a small town, and from experience I can tell you the roads around here aren't the greatest.) Is it possible some road debris caused your problem?

17th Apr 2010, 13:23

Original reviewer again.

Dead in the water at 73,000 miles. The car runs, however, the swaying in the back end has become so bad the car is too dangerous to drive. I know somebody will say "get it fixed", and I would love to do that, however, I don't have the funds for that right now.

Hyundai still refuses to honor the warranty that I PAID FOR because I bought it used. I'm not to happy with it right now, and I never expected any of this to happen. Of course, no one does when they buy a car.

I would never judge an entire company based on one car, so I would still consider a Hyundai in the future (they are winning many awards right now and getting many good reviews, and I won't deny that) I believe I may have just gotten a lemon. I WILL NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER HYUNDAI FROM THIS DEALER. I won't name the dealer as I cannot on this site, but I have never gotten such poor customer service. I had some trouble with Ford dealerships in the past, but it was never this bad.

I figured my son would end up asking me all the time to borrow the car when he decided to buy a Neon. I knew they were junk, and even warned him not to buy it. Now it's getting me to and from work in commuter traffic 100 miles a day, and getting the same gas mileage as my Hyundai does (about 35 MPG) without a single problem. Go figure.

17th May 2010, 20:54

Original Reviewer here:

Fixed the swaying, turned out to be a bad sway bar link. Was only about $40 bucks to replace. Heheh, I figured I was looking at something pretty serious with the way that car felt. Oh well, it's fixed now and running well. I'm at 75,000 miles on the dot. I'm glad to have MY car back. My son however is not so happy with the Neon now. I guess it couldn't handle the 100 mile daily commute for very long, because it just died a few days ago. I mean really died, the motor is gone.

17th Jul 2010, 13:32

Original Reviewer here once again.

The car is now at 80,000 miles and so far hasn't had any problems since the sway bar link. Although it has developed a high pitched squeal in all gears (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and even when coasting in neutral, however it goes silent when the clutch is pressed). Throw-out bearing perhaps?

Besides that the car has been fine. Needed to have the tires balanced, but that's just basic maintenance.