16th Feb 2011, 15:55

WOW. A ten year old car needing a power steering pump AND new struts! I never heard of such a thing! LOL!

You do know many times power steering pumps don't last the life of the car, and neither do struts. I think Hyundai says to change or at least inspect them around 100,000 miles.

You change the fronts, but keep the rears, but now it's the car's fault for being unsafe??? This is why I say Hyundai's are just as good as other cars, because the avg person doesn't know how to take care of a car, or complain when the smallest things happen. Come on guy, the steering pump? Really?

25th Feb 2011, 00:58

To the previous poster. I agree with you about the power steering and struts. Those are normal to not last the life of the car, but the poster holds ground about Hyundai not honoring warranty's and build quality just isn't there, and not being very safe.

I owned a 2001 and 2005 Hyundai. The 2001 was good except for electrical and timing belt problems, but my 05 Hyundai, within two years I had to junk it, due to its spot welds on the body just started coming apart, to where it started falling apart. Not even 20,000 miles on it either. Hyundai wouldn't cover it, and it would have cost twice what I owed on it to be fixed, so I junked it.

I treated my Hyundai good, and with respect I never beat my Hyundai, never raced the engine or anything, and in my opinion Hyundai doesn't make good cars. I will never buy another one again.

I agree with the first comment; if you want quality, buy GM OR TOYOTA; way better build quality. I prefer GM; in my opinion they're the best vehicle manufacturing company. But I will give Hyundai; this it look like they stepped up their interior quality with their 2011 vehicles, but mechanically they still have along way to go! I test drove a few just for the hell of it LOL. Buy GM OR TOYOTA.

25th Feb 2011, 14:25

You mean a car company besides Toyota can build an unsafe car? I though only Toyota built cars like that. My whole world view has been shattered. Now I can't buy a Toyota or a Hyundai.