16th Jun 2002, 20:17

I'll keep it short after reading the first comment posted, since I agree it was a little far fetched. I've driven the car and was pretty impressed however, the description used in the review is brochure material and not reality.

19th Jul 2002, 13:39

I must concur with the two others who left comments regarding your "review" of the Elantra. It seemed rather forced and at times seemed that perhaps you may be employed by Hyundai. It also came across as less than honest or realistic because of your enthusiasm. The only potential problem that I think this presents to possible buyers, like myself, is that it seems too perfect to be truthful. However, if I am unjustly being cynical then I do apologize. Nonetheless, I find it encouraging that you took the time to review your car.

21st Jul 2002, 17:56

I've been a professional writer for many years, including some time as an agency copywriter, and yes, clearly, this is from someone with a vested interest in Hyundai. Probably an intern, it's not that well written.

I was looking for a review on the Elantra GT, but unfortunately no one else appears to own one.

24th Jul 2002, 10:40

I am an owner of a 2001 Hyundai Elantra. While I love my car I would not compare it to a Benz or any other luxury car. My car has not given me any problems and it is fun to drive. While I would not compare it to a luxury car, it is a great value for your money. Upholstery is durable, buttons for the radio are in a reachable place, but I think they are too small. The air conditioning/ heat does its job and it has decent pick-up. There is too much plastic in the cabin for my taste, but for $11,499.00 I do not expect wood... The radio sounds fine to me. If you are looking for an economy car with loads of standard features and a long long warranty, consider the modest Hyundai Elantra...

6th Nov 2002, 18:40

I have driven cars of different makes for thousands of miles.

I hired Elantra to understand the dynamics of it. The car really handles well. I did not expect a car at that price could handle that well on the road. I felt the car's engine makes more noise than Corolla's engine. Every other thing seems perfect and the car really looks good.

There is no point in comparing the car with expensive models, but for the price we pay it is really a good bargain. I think Elantra GT is the model that puts us ahead of the comparable models of Toyota and Honda.


3rd Feb 2003, 12:39

I have owned my Elantra GT for one week now and although I am very satisfied with it, I think this review is a little too much on the enthusiastic side. The power of the motor is OK, but not as strong as you want to make us believe. The credibility of that review is doubtful.

1st Mar 2003, 14:31

I've owned my 2002 Elantra GT for 16,000 miles and aim for 100,000, my normal useage. I have yet to find any defects or problems except the electronic heater control control, a fairly esoteric electronic part. When I took it in the dealer immediately had a senior service tech check under the dash to see if the problem could be solved by simple adjustment. When the tech confirmed the problem to be an electronic rheostat breakdown and the part wasn't in stock, the part was overnighted to dealer and I dropped by the next day for an hour while it was installed. Absolutely no other defects! No flaws or surprises, just a solid 30 mpg.

In fact this car as been as trouble-free and seemingly well-engineered and solidly-built as any of the numerous Honda's, Toyota's, Volkswagon's and Ford Taurus's I've owned.

No this car is not comparable to far more expensive, high performance-oriented cars such as Mercedes, BMW's, etc. -- even though its standard luxury features, European GT styling and seeming quality are exceptional at this cost!

But based on my ownership experience so far, my overall experience with dealer sales, service and parts and my previous ownership of a number of very high quality cars, this may be one of the best value, highly personal (easy to like!!) and quality-featured cars on the market today. If pressed for a comparison, I'd say it was more like a very high quality, more reliable and luxuriously appointed counterpart to the British Sport GT's that were so popular during the 40's, 50's and 60's. (By the way I'm 60.)

Hyundai certainly had major initial engineering, quality-control and service reputation problems to overcome due to weaker product quality, reliability and dealer support of their offerings and dealerships during the 80's and early 90's.

But based on my personal experience with this Elantra GT and my high "benchmark expectations" after owning other highly satisfactory, great value cars, Hyundai may be on the fast track to overcoming Honda, Toyota and other manufacturers known for exceptional value, solid quality and much better-than-average reliability and dealership strength.

No, I don't work for or have any association in any way with any manufacturer or dealership. I just like it when hoped-for value and overall satisfaction with a product exceed my expectations. Many people may fall (and remain) in love with their Hyundai. I'm not a romantic, but my bumper sticker might read: Ask Me Why I Hug My Hyundai!

Jim Miller, Wichita Kansas.

7th Aug 2003, 15:53

I am writing regarding the Elantra. The Elantra that we own is primarily my husbands car. Although we admittedly have had no problems until just recently, I personally do not like the car, but that is more do due to taste than anything else. I own a Santa Fe. What I am writing to complain or caution about is the service aspect from the dealership. My husband had an accident with the car a year ago and after contacting the insurance company we brought the car to the dealership it was purchased at to be repaired. One of the repairs was the air conditioning unit.

It has been a year and we have had nothing but problems with the air conditioning since it was replaced. We have been back and forth to the dealership and originally were told (after a small fee) that nothing was wrong with the unit. The next day it died completely. We returned and were told that there were two very large puncture holes in the condenser unit that they did not see the day before.

The long and short of this is that the dealer ship won't fix it because as it was in an accident the warranty on that part is now void, the insurance company won't pay because they say it is a design flaw in the car, Hyundai claims that there is no design flaw. So we are out the deductible for the accident, the fee to find what is wrong with the car, and the air conditioning is still broken.

Please be advised that after calling Hyundai I was told that very often the dealerships replace the defective or broken parts with used parts. I was told by them to request more information to make sure that the condenser used to replace the one broken in the accident did not come from a salvage yard. So much for the warranty and standing behind the vehicle. I am seriously concerned about owning two Hyundai's now.