2002 Hyundai Elantra GL 1.6 from South Africa


Fair value


The clutch went at about 120000.

The wheel bearings, both front and rear, at about 130000.

General Comments:

It's a very roomy car. It has no engine problems. However some parts of this vehicle in South Africa are very scarce and expensive. The wheel bearings were so hard to find.

Overall it's a way better improvement over my FIAT. However I think I'm done with cheap second hand cars. Going to rather go for an older Mercedes, which I find much better, even if older.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2012

2002 Hyundai Elantra GT 2.0 from North America


If they still made its equivalent, it would be on the short list to replace it


This car eats rear wheel bearings. The first 3 were replaced under warranty. When I brought it in for the first one, the dealer was shocked "Everyone knows that it's the front bearings that are trash". Replaced 5 (3 left, 2 right) in the first 70,000 miles. The last set is holding so far. Oh, and replaced both front wheel bearings between 80 and 90,000.

It also has a hankering for brake parts. New pads every 20,000 miles, new rotors at the same time more often than not.

The front sub frame rusted out, resulting in the left front wheel coming off (fortunately while backing out of a parking space, so essentially at 0 speed when it happened) at about 110K miles. The dealer fixed it for free and in a timely manner, as it was a recall item.

General Comments:

I like the car a lot. When we needed a 4 door hatch/small wagon, it was the only car on the market in that price range we could find with a manual transmission and ABS brakes. When my wife saw the leather interior she snorted "Who puts leather in a tin can!". Now we're spoiled, having had the leather, and nothing in our price class currently does.

The leather interior has held up fantastically. I just cleaned it up for the trade, and while the plastic parts have some scratches and rubbed in dirt, the seats still look like new. Also, many people (including me) can't stand the new car plastic smell that Hyundai's have, but it was never an issue with this car.

It has not been trouble free, but it only stranded me once (broken sub frame), and has been relatively easy to work on. For cost of repairs and level of aggravation with them, it was probably a wash for savings on the initial purchase price. But again in January of 2002, there was no equivalent car in that size/price class.

It is not a sports car, but can get out of its own way. For the performance, I feel it should get better mileage, but over the life of the car, the average is just under 30 miles/US gallon. Not bad, since I live where you get winter blend gas 5-6 months a year.

I think it could get well over 160,000 miles if I put some work into it (wheel well corrosion, rear brake calipers, 1 rear strut), but I've gotten too good an offer to trade it in to make it worth the effort.

Roomy enough, that for the last 4 years I've been running a landscape gardening business out of it, hauling all my tools in the car as well as towing a trailer with up to a ton of mulch, soil, or tractor on it, as with trailer brakes, it will tow 3500 pounds.

If you find one with little/no rust, it's definitely worth a serious look.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2011

2002 Hyundai Elantra from North America


This car is reliable and drives nearly perfectly, it hasn't let me down


Headlights and tail lights tend to blow out more frequently than most cars, I've had it about 7 months, and I've had to replace the headlights twice and the tail lights once.

Some models of the 2002 Hyundai Elantra GLS have recalls for the subframe and airbags, which the dealer replaced.

However, the dealerships are HUGE hassles. I took the car to the one in my area to have the recalls done, and the entire time I was constantly harassed by the serviceman trying to tell me there is thousands of dollars worth of fixing that needs to be done with my car, or it won't pass inspection, when there isn't. They made me wait about 45 minutes while they decided to do a little "inspection" on my car (that I didn't ask for) while checking out what was being recalled. He came back and told me my car has been leaking oil and steering rack fluid, and that my rear brakes are currently at a 3 and my front brakes are at a 4. When it comes to cars, I don't know everything, but I know enough from my father who worked as a car mechanic for 6 years. My car hasn't been leaking anything. I would have noticed if my car was leaving puddles. And I had just had my rear brakes changed the week before, they should have been at a perfect 8. Basically, they have no problem lying straight to your face. At first I thought it was just my dealership, but when my parents visited the Hyundai dealership in their area, they experienced similar hassles.

Other than the dealers and normal little expenses for a 9-year-old car, such as leaking gaskets, nothing has gone wrong, and I'm the 3rd owner.

General Comments:

This car has yet to let me down, it already has 127,000 miles on it, and I think it will definitely see 150,000.

Accelerates well, is great on gas, and has comfortable seating.

But whatever you do, DO NOT have it serviced at a dealer, unless for a recall. And if your car does have a recall, be aggressive. Do not let them jerk you around and wait two weeks to have airbag cables and a rusted control arm replaced, and don't fall for their scams.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2011