2002 Hyundai Elantra GT 2.0 D.O.C.H from North America


Pandora's Box


Rust - By the backplate, under it on each bottom edge, rusted within the year of my owning this car.

Power steering - times 3!!! I had to replace all power steering lines within the past 2 months. It was rusted out within a year. Now it is making a funny loud noise every time I turn to the right.

Brakes - front and back. Apparently my front brakes were seized since I bought it, but passed certification! They had to axe them off and replace rotors/pads... Since I only had back brakes, I now need to replace the back rotors and pads.

Check Engine light - on and off on and off, but shows no problems when scanned. Although in the beginning the dealer said it showed because there was a loose gas cap.

Lights fog/brake - I had to replace these lights 5 times. The first time the front lightbulb blew, I replaced it. Within two weeks it blew again - replaced.

The heat of the headlights also made the 'casing' of the lights foggy, and they must be replaced to get them back to driving/safety standards.

So far, this is all. Not happy since I have only owned it for a year and one month. Trading this car in this month.

General Comments:

Great handling, easy to operate dash controls. Amazing on gas.

Higher insurance rates on this car than a civic... Toyota etc.

Good for surprising you with "this needs to be fixed... it will cost YOU..."

Comfortable, very! I drive to Toronto very often - 4 hour drive. Very comfy and I like the dash lighting.

Great car to start up in the winter, never needed to plug it in.

Power steering - don't know what's messed up, but something isn't right in this category!

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Review Date: 7th November, 2008

2002 Hyundai Elantra GT 2.0 from North America


Tremendous value, and superior to all others who try to be in its class!


First year or two the headlights / taillights would blow regularly. Dealer would replace "the first time" but after that "you must be doing some thing". I replaced them, and always keep spares. But now that the car is 5 years old, I haven't had that problem.

Car stumbled at about 4500 RPM, and then would take off again.

Engine RPM "hangs" in the air, and slowly returns during shiftings.

Windshield wiper arm came loose in a torrential downpour. My Leatherman fixed it under a bridge.

I've worn out a set of brake and clutch pedal covers, plus the drivers mat and the seat belt.

I've done all the maintenance my self (oils & filters, etc) leaving the dealer to rape me for the timing belt. (twice, for the sake of not blowing the engine,). And a clutch replacement, which I'm not even sure was done.

Aside from wear and tear, what would normally be expected with stop and go DC traffic, this car has been a dream.

General Comments:

When brand new, this car was a speed freak! As she's aged somewhat, she's not as freaky as before, but still a hoot to run.

Mileage is super in my opinion. I'm getting about 30 MPG on back road runs to work.

Seats - pretty comfortable - drove from DC to GA in a day, and I was pretty good. Lumbar support would be nice, but hey, I have a sunroof and leather, and chillin air, a CD player with six speakers, and a sharp looking ride!

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Review Date: 27th January, 2008

5th Oct 2008, 14:16

I'm buying a used one. How long have you had yours? When did your have timing belts done? Thanks..

15th Oct 2008, 09:55

Due to poor resale I strongly suggest getting it used.

I got mine 2 years old in 2004... It's now 4 years down the line and I still own it... My only mistake is my own... paying it on a 5 year span...

The man's review is very accurate... my RPM's do also float around during gear shifts but I also heard it's normal for this car.

As for clutch replacement without being sure if they replaced it... well... My clutch has always sucked but still is working... (75000km to now 150000km)

For a used one, my strongest advice is DO NOT BRING IT TO HYUNDAI... They might mess it up...