29th Aug 2009, 00:51

Add another one to the pile: I'm at 40000 miles on my 05 Elantra GT and the clutch is slipping hardcore. Took it to the dealer and he got right on me about bad driving habits. I am going to go to another dealer and play the hydraulic angle, play dumb, and see if it works... we'll see.

24th Sep 2009, 17:28

I have a 2003 Elantra GT with over 240,000 miles on it. I bought the car with 6 miles on it. I have had no problems whatsoever with the car and would highly recommend them to all. The reason I have so many miles is I drive 60 miles one way to work. I have done all the scheduled maintenance on the car. I still get 33.1 miles to the gallon overall. When this car is done I will buy another. Hyundais rule!

6th Oct 2009, 15:26

I am the owner of a Hyundai Elantra 2006. The clutch failed at 120000km/74000 miles.

My previous car was an Accent, which only needed a clutch replacement at 270000km/168000 miles. After 30 years of driving manual cars, this is the first vehicle that I have driven that has needed a clutch replacement so soon. I will think twice before buying another Hyundai, and I reside in South Africa.

13th Oct 2009, 01:09

Hi, I have a 2005 Elantra, which is a New Zealand spec model, and guess what, the same clutch problems, so obviously this is a world wide problem and a totally bad design. I have a Chevy 6 liter V8 6 speed manual ute, and this has 450 horses and has not had a hint of clutch slippage. I have several of these Elantra's for service vehicles, and have been satisfied except with the clutch problem. Even over here, all blame is put on the owner of the car.

14th Oct 2009, 14:34

Us too! We have an '04 Elantra, clutch started slipping @50K. Got it replaced, and now we need a new clutch at 75K! I wonder if all the people who have had this issue could get together and file a class-action lawsuit?

14th Oct 2009, 19:20

I have an '07 Elantra that has 58,000 miles on it. Not a single issue so far. And yes it does have a manual transmission.

13th Nov 2009, 17:57

2005 Elantra.

I bought my car brand new in 2005. I now have 83000 miles and am starting to having problems with my clutch. This is the first car I ever owned that I will have to replace the clutch.

The quality of the workmanship on the interior of the car could use some improvement. I have to punch the passenger reading light several times before it will stay on. The cloth on console started to come off. The metal circle showing where the gears are on the shifter came off. I have to adjust my side mirrors by hand. All my previous cars - Galant, Toyota, Honda - had much better interior quality.

After reading all other comments concerning Elantras and my experience, I don't plan on buying any more Hyundais.

9th Dec 2009, 11:21

Throw my 02 Elantra on the flames. The car has been very lightly used since I purchased it new - only about 36,000 miles. 6 months ago the clutch slave cylinder burst. The dealer said it was part of the warranty and replaced it. Now I have the exact same problem with the car, and they say the seals on the master cylinder are done. Those, however, are not part of the warranty.

I know the car is getting up there in years, but I'm a bit shocked to see these things going the way they are considering the low mileage.

18th Dec 2009, 09:15

I have an 04 Elantra GT with 62,000Km, and the clutch had to be replaced. I had previously driven a Mazda over 190,000Km without ever replacing the clutch. I will never purchase a Hyundai again.

29th Dec 2009, 17:57

I have a 2006 Elantra GT with 41,000 miles. My clutch pedal went limp after I took the car to the dealer to have the oil changed, tires rotated and all fluids checked. When they finished they said my clutch was near failure. Sure enough, 3 weeks later it failed. The dealer quoted $900 to replace the clutch. I parked the car for two months since I didn’t have the money. I went online to research Hyundai clutch problems. I’m a good mechanic so I decided to bleed the clutch system first. I discovered there was no hydraulic fluid in the fill reservoir. I added DOT-3 fluid then continued to bleed the system. My Hyundai is now OK. The clutch works like it did before.

It makes me very mad to know the dealer didn’t check the clutch system hydraulic fluid during the routine check up. I cringe to think I might have paid them $900 for adding a small amount of fluid and bleeding the system instead of replacing the clutch. I doubt they would have been honest. Did they even change my oil and filter? One time I had to add air to my tires after they rotated the tires. As they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Most dealer service shops should be ashamed of themselves.

22nd Jan 2010, 07:42

I've got a 2003 Elantra GT bought new in Aug 2003. It has been a great car so far. The only problems have been the plug wires split after about 70,000 kms and the power steering pressure hose gave out somewhere around the same time. I had hole in my exhaust system last winter that was still covered under warranty right at the 100,000 kms mark. Now the factory stereo is cutting in and out, not sure if it is a corroded wire or the stereo itself, any ideas?

13th Feb 2010, 10:34

Another '03 Elantra - 81,000.

Replaced tires for the first time this week. Dealer says clutch needs replacing as well, though I haven't noticed it acting any differently than when I first got it. I'm the only driver and it is the first manual I have owned (not the one I learned to drive on though.

9th May 2010, 09:47

I have a 2006 Elantra that I purchased new. My daughter drives it as a college car and she is very competent with a manual transmission. I thought Hyundai had a great reliability reputation. I just got hit with a $1200 repair bill to replace the clutch that suddenly died at 37,000 miles. I have never experienced a clutch wearing out so soon. My faith in Hyundai reliability and their 10 year warranty is very damaged.

14th Jun 2010, 16:36

Hyundai Elantra GT 4dr Hatchback with Manual 2004.

Clutch started slipping occasionally at 52,000 miles. I managed to get it to 62,000 and it is clearly dying fast now. That is simply terrible and quite in line with other comments on this board. Unacceptable.

In addition, it feels like the car started falling apart. Different weird sounds of unknown origin can be heard all over. Compared to Toyota Corolla that I owned before Hyundai, it is grossly inferior (although much cheaper) product. I am now not sure if the cheap is worth the agonizing feeling that you are riding something that is a clunker at mere 62,000 miles.

As for the service at the dealership (US)... They are a bunch of fat arrogant crooks at best. They will take every opportunity to get you for your bucks big time. My favorite is an offer "to replace a burnt out license plate bulb for $40." They should have done it as a courtesy. Not to mention that they quoted me price on the clutch that was 2.5 times higher then it should be and what an independent mechanic quoted me. I mean, the price of a clutch kit is not a mystery. The time spent on the job is not a mystery. Do they really think the clients are so dumb nowadays that they can charge labor at $200+ per hour?

Hyundai is off my list of products I would purchase.