5th May 2006, 18:08

The 1'st to 2'nd shift is delayed on purpose to prevent the low-rpm high-torque nature of this engine from jolting the passengers. It is normal for the automatic transmission to have a 1 second delay between 1'st and 2'nd shifts. All other automatic shifts should seem as normal as any other car.

7th Nov 2008, 18:29

My son has owned two Elantras, a 2002 and a 2005. Both automatic, air, power locks and windows.

A singular problem occurred in both cars. Each required the power window motors in all four windows to be replaced shortly after the warranty expired.

Has anyone else experienced this? Our local Hyundai dealer said this only happened to my sons vehicles.

1st Aug 2009, 11:43

I bought my used 05 Hyundai Elantra GLS about six months ago. The car had about 56k miles on it and some very minor body damage, I have very few complaints with the car. The only real problem I've seen is that the driver-side window motor is weak when opening window, but is OK when closing.

The car is fun to drive, very smooth. It also has great acceleration for a compact car. I have owned Honda Civics and a Mazda Protege, and this is right up there with both of them, and much quicker. The Elantra averages about 23-26 mpg, so it's not bad, though not as good as the suggested mpg, but oh well.

I have been a big fan of Japanese cars in the past, but I would definitely buy a Hyundai the next time I get a new car.

16th Sep 2010, 08:25

I owned a 2002 Elantra that I bought in 2004. Kept it 6 years to early 2010.

Rust is your biggest enemy, but I live in Quebec; salted roads in winter...

Sold it due to rust for very cheap, bought a year 2000 Civic Si.

3 months after the Civic Si, I am now planning on selling this reliable yet annoying Honda, and I swear I am buying a 2006 Elantra hatch that I can keep for another 5 6 years...

Don't get me wrong, the Civic ain't that bad, but what kills me is the downgrade.

The D16 of a Civic has no torque on the highway... I need to go to 4th to stay above 110 on a slight uphill, or even down to third to pass someone... it's really sad...

The exhaust just broke, passenger keylock doesn't work, 5spd TRANNY makes a terrible noise.

For people who tell me the Elantra is a generation later... big deal, the 2002 Civics are no better, the D17 is weaker than some of the better D15's... With the exception of the latest Civic model, Civics have not evolved after the 92-95 models... while the last gen is now for older people...

The Lancer is the new Civic.

The Elantra fits my needs perfectly. I'll shut up now.