2007 Hyundai Entourage GS from North America


Good vehicle, poor warranty. Poor service


Prior to 70,000 miles the shifter would stick in park. The problem was intermittent. Sometimes the key would be stuck in the ignition. Because the key assembly and shifter are connected, I assumed that the faulty shifter was locking the ignition. When I took this to the dealer for a warranty repair, I was told the the warranty had expired. Even though the shifter is a critical part of operating the drive-train components, it is not covered by the 100,000 mile drive-train warranty. The dealer misdiagnosed the problem as a broken ignition assembly and charged me several hundred dollars to replace it.

The same intermittent problems continued. I returned to the dealer to complain, and then the dealer quoted me over $600 to fix a piece of broken plastic that was intermittently interfering with the shifter. Of course they refused to credit the money for the purchase and installation of the ignition assembly, which was probably fine to begin with.

When I escalated a complaint to Hyundai America, the best they could offer me was a 10% discount. I picked up the vehicle and completed the same $600+ repair at my local mechanic for $194.

General Comments:

I am convinced that the dealer made a mistake and was uncertain of the cause, so they decided to start replacing components until the problem was solved. This practice gouges consumers. Hyundai should stand behind their engineering. If something as basic as an automatic transmission shifter fails prior to 100K miles, they should cover it.

I own two Hyundai vehicles. Anyone familiar with good customer service would see the value in at least charging a fair price for the repair, even if Hyundai chose not to fully warranty the defect. $200 would have been acceptable and probably kept me as a repeat Hyundai purchaser.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2010

17th Jul 2011, 13:27

I am experiencing the same problem my Entourage. It has 66K miles, and this is the first problem I have encountered. Right now I can start it, but cannot get the shifter to move out of park! I am glad to hear that a more local mechanic can fix the problem, undoubtedly at a better price.

2007 Hyundai Entourage Limited 3.8 with VVTI from North America




None. My only problem with the van has been that it is so eerily quiet, I've tried to crank a running engine without realizing the kitten was purring.

General Comments:

I purchased this van based on my previous experience with Kia/Hyundai. My 2002 Kia sedona was wonderful and reliable. I sold it in at 76,000 worry-free miles. My daily driver is a 2001 Hyundai xg300L which has been great too (77,200 miles currently).

The first thing that strikes is how quiet it is. Three of my friends purchased minivans around same time I got mine. We all shopped together and test drove 12 vans including the abominable Mercedes R350. It finally came down to Sienna or Odyssey or Entourage/Sedona. Two of my friends got Odyssey EX-L's and one got a Sienna LE. I paid 27,800 for my limited with ultimate package (trim level comparable to Odyssey touring without navigation or Sienna XLE with package5). Had I chosen Honda or Toyota, I'd have paid $33,500 or roughly $5500 more.

Believe me, the van is quieter than the class leader Sienna and way quieter than the Odyssey (The other two vans have their own pluses!!). Fantastic ambience, interior materials, comfort, power and luxury. Long drives have been relaxing and tireless. For instance, open the hood in Sienna and Entourage. There is a world of difference in how the engine bay looks and all the active noise cancellation systems in place.

Plus Hyundai does not skimp on features!! Open the door and you see luxurious chrome door sill plates. For example, projector headlights (luxury feature and reduce glare dramatically) are standard across the trim levels. Fog lights are standard across Ent SE and above trims ($675 with honda and $850 with sienna unless you buy Ody touring/Sienna XLE or Limited). Chrome accents, body colored heated mirrors are all standard (not standard in Sienna). Entourage trumps every single minivan and consumer car in safety (every personal automobile manufactured in US except the presidential armor plated cadillac/mercedes)

The infinity surround sound system provides great sound quality to my trained ears. I would summarize that Entourage is right there at the top of the heap. There is little to differentiate between Sienna, Odyssey or Entourage. If you are a shrewd shopper, save the extra cash and buy an Entourage, you'll not be disappointed.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2008