1994 Hyundai Excel 1.5L from North America


Great performance and super mileage (36MPG)


New clutch at 140000, New alternator at 130000.

General Comments:

Very nice car. Extremely easy to work on. This was the first one I ever bought. Have had 5 others (minor fix ups and sold) since.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2002

1994 Hyundai Excel X2 Sprint 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Mid performance, mid handling for damn cheap :)


Head gasket blew as soon as I bought the car (84500km)

Piston drive train disintegrated (according to the mechanic) about 3 months later (86000km)

Engine needed complete recondition after 6mths of continual thrashing, new rings, pistons and was re-bored out to 1700cc (89000km)

Head gasket again. Mechanics fault, he didn't think he had to retension the head (89450)

General Comments:

Its not designed as a race-car, so I can handle that it doesn't hit 100km in 5secs, but it hit 9secs once (going down a hill).

Seats aren't bucket seats, but hold incredibly well.

I go through tyres extremely fast, especially on the outside front (roundabout's, etc) I was told that it has an after-market Limited Slip Dif, not sure how that works, I'm not a mechanic.

No air-con, prevents engine from overheating, well, that's my excuse.

HEAPS of boot space, and since I'm still young and stupid, its good for the sound system.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2002

4th Oct 2002, 20:30

Sounds like you had the exact same problems as me, except around 10,000km earlier on all the problems. my mechanic also didn't think he had to retension the head and caused the gasket to blow.

As for your 9second 0-100 time, my car takes 14.6sec, its been tested on the strip :oD.

5th Jun 2003, 03:31

The X2 is a top little car. I've had mine since new (1994) and have driven it hard, probably too hard, since then. Using this as a guide, I wore out the gearbox at about 95,000km.

The fuel consumption is alright. The best I've pulled is coming back from Perisher Valley to Sydney. 640km on the tank! Apart from that expect to get about 450km per tank.

There is plenty of space in my 3 door. I've managed to squeeze in 2 bass drums, a large guitar amp, effects racks, and a few guitar bags, and still fit in myself.

Stereo-wise, I wish Hyundai allowed more space for larger replacement speakers, as the existing rear's are terrible!!!

1994 Hyundai Excel CXL 1.5 from North America


A high economical and reliable bargain


I had to replace my timing chain at 100,000 km. This was under warranty.

I had to replace my front boots at 100,000 km. This was under warranty.

I had to replace my brake pads at 140,000 km.

General Comments:

I love my Hyundai Excel CXL.

It is very economical and exceptionally reliable. At 180 K km. I still get 48 miles per gallon! Beyond the scheduled maintainance items I have not had a speck of trouble with this vehicle.

The front seats are very comfortable. Every passenger that has been in this car will attest to this.

The heater is exceptional on those cold, wintery days.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2001

2nd Jul 2001, 16:49

Dear Excel owner,

Obviously you are one of the lucky ones who didn't get stuck with an oil burner. I do think it is time that you stepped up to a Honda (95) or a Vigor!

9th Feb 2002, 21:38

I now have 190,000 km. on my Hyundai Excel CXL. I plan to take it to the mountains on three skiing trips this year. I will put in excess of 10,000 more km. on the car by the time I turn it over to my daughter. It does not burn any oil, continues to get about 48 miles per gallon, and is still going strong. My brother (who is a master mechanic and keeps my gem going) just installed new belts and a timing chain. I also just put on new tires which makes my Excel ride as if it were brand, spanking new. This great little piece will keep my daughter (and her friends) going for a while. I will be sad to let it go but will really enjoy driving something with more... stuff. Maybe my daughter will let me borrow her car once in a while!

3rd Nov 2002, 16:49

The Excel CXL now has 200,000 kilometers on it is still going strong. My daughter now drives the car and hopefully will take good care of it. We just had the ball joints replaced as one of them was wearing out - not bad for a little car with all these miles on it. The car still gets around 48 miles per gallon, burns no oil, and starts every time. My daughter loves the car and takes it everywhere. She should have it for a long time to come.

13th Apr 2004, 12:05


I've just been given a 1994 Hyundai Excel. My brother in law has driven it for about a year and really like it although he bought another car and is passing it on to me. But I can't seem to find rear brakes for the car. You being a Hyundai owner, I wanted to know where you buy your brakes from? Please email me at a_2112@hotmail.com.


20th Mar 2006, 15:19

48 miles per gallon? I think that's from the European "gallons" being a little more, isn't it? I've never been able to clear 36 mpg with an Excel, but I agree, it's still a great car.