10th Jan 2012, 20:50

Jan 10, 2012 - Update on my review. I no longer smell any gas since I took her to the Hyundai dealership last week. They said they didn't find anything. As long as the problem is gone, that's all that matters.

I drove the Genesis on the highway. The thing that I noticed is that it consumes the least gas when doing around 115km/hr. That's 12 l/100km = 19.6012153 miles per gallon. Guzzler for a 2 Litre car. But the pleasure I get from looking and driving the car just outweighs the cost. It has everything that I need. All the options. Then pedal shifters are great. I just LOVE the car so far.

2nd Feb 2012, 13:55

Update on my review (Feb-2-2012) - I was looking at the Genesis specs. On regular 87 Octane it produces 210HP. When using 91 Octane it produces 235 HP. I decided to try it. I drove and emptied my tank. Filled her up with 91 Octane. Man she's flying. 0-60 mph times have dropped from 6.9 seconds to 6.5 seconds. Wanna try 94 Octane from Petro Canada. Why spend so much money on engine upgrades? Just use better gas.

3rd Feb 2012, 21:38

I'm glad I'm not the only person who hasn't been taken in by the "Gas grades don't matter" myth. Saying that higher octane gas doesn't give you more power is like saying that pouring more water on something won't make it wetter. The higher the octane, the smoother your engine will run, the more power you'll have, and the better your mileage will be.

I keep immaculate records of all my cars, and have used all grades of gas in them. ALL of them get better mileage, run smoother and have way more power with premium. My I-4 Fusion will smoke the tires with premium, and get 2 mpg better mileage doing it. Its 0-60 time improves by over a full second. Higher octane means more power... in ANYTHING.

22nd Jul 2012, 11:50

Update on my review, July 22 2012, the car has been running good since I bought it.

There are some things that I need to mention.

The car pulls to the right, even after taking it back to the dealer twice.

ALSO, good RIMS / WHEELS are hard to find for these cars, due to being staggered. I am so cheesed off that I can't get RIMS / WHEELS of my own taste that fits this car. That really sucks! BMW's have a lot of choice.

12th Aug 2012, 18:22

Update on my review - Aug-12-2012 - Since I could not find any "decent" wheels / rims in 18" diameter, I decided to go for 20" diameter concave wheels / rims. MRR CV8 matte black on silver. Man they look nice, however it has slowed my car down. But they look nice. So, now I have custom front grille, custom emblem and 20" wheels / rims. I wish I could have posted some pics here.

25th Oct 2012, 19:55

Some random thoughts.

I have the 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8L auto. I'm 6'1" and have no problems with headroom or legroom.

I really enjoy this automobile, and find the bigger engine totally awesome.

I have no problem with fit and finish, but find some of the dash materials a bit cheap.

If you're looking for a sports car that handles very tame in city traffic, but blows cars away at twice the price off the line, you'll enjoy the power of the 3.8L.

I live in Toronto Canada, and put snow tires all around in winter. The traction control gets a bit wonky with the snows on.

I can be driving in perfectly dry conditions, but the traction control will sometimes read slippage and reduce power. The first time this happened, I thought the engine had died on me. It reduces RPM until the computer thinks the car has resumed stable traction.

The blue color of the digital readouts is sometimes hard to read in sunny conditions.

26th Nov 2012, 08:27

Update on my review (Nov-26-2012) - While driving on the highway at normal speeds, I was losing power and the Genesis Coupe started stalling. Almost no power and the engine was revving at high RPMs. Took it to my regular Hyundai dealership. Got told that a "rock" hit my transmission line and caused the fluid line to leak. I have owned many cars in my time. Never heard of such a bizarre reason for a transmission line to leak. I would have to pay around $1000 to get this fixed. Not covered under warranty. I Googled and found others are reporting transmission fluid leaks for various reasons. This is a design flaw that consumers should be aware of.

27th Nov 2012, 10:58

Update on my review (Nov-27-2012) - Got my car back from Hyundai. They overcharged me. Said it was due to a stone hitting the transmission cooler (looks like a mini radiator) and perforating it. Cost me around $800 because I said I called another Hyundai dealership and they quoted me $500 approx. This is a design flaw that buyers should be aware of. What kind of car is it that the parts inside the engine compartment are not protected?

27th Jan 2013, 21:14

Jan 27, 2013 - Update on my review - In 1 year my Genesis Coupe has lost gone down $15,000 in value. I will think twice before buying a Hyundai again.

My advice to others with Hyundai, buy used with 20K, then you will save big time.

5th May 2013, 04:31

Thank you for the reviews and updates dude.

5th Jun 2014, 10:09

Hyundai are known for being unreliable. Shoulda bought a Toyota!

15th Sep 2014, 16:02

Sep-15-2014 - UPDATE on my review. My car has 57,000 km on it. I have maintained the car according to the dealer specs and don't push it. The suspension system is all wobbly and it feels very unsafe turning. When turning the car at a safe speed, the front suddenly depresses down and sways to one side and spins. Very scary. I took her to the Hyundai dealership and they found nothing (they said). The tires are inflated to the correct pressure and have good tread, so it's not the tires. Again, I am having to spend money from my own pocket to replace the shocks and springs with TEIN suspension system. I wonder if any other Genesis Coupe owner is having this issue?

Another issue is the wheels vibrate when braking. The Brembo brake pads have been replaced with new pads. The wheels have been balanced. The rotors are smooth. But the issue has not been fixed.