2007 Hyundai Getz SX 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, bad engine, poor build quality


The squeak in the rear suspension would have to be the most prominent issue with this car. I complain about it every time I take the car to be serviced. And they claim to have "lubricated the bushes". This is no more than a temporary fix. I doubt the problem will ever be solved.

The left hand front tire keeps wearing out, I replaced it at 15000 kilometres and already need to buy a new one as the outside edge has no tread whatsoever!!

There is a rattle in the back of the car, which I have now come to accept as a permanent fixture.

When cornering right, the left hand rear wheel will sometimes squeak pretty horribly. This tends to get worse after the car has been driven for a while and everything has warmed up a bit. But because the problem is intermittent, I doubt to dealer will ever admit to it, until wheel falls off the car!

General Comments:

The styling of this car is incredible for what it is, much cooler than the Yaris or Swift in my opinion. The engine has a nice sound from inside the cabin. The dash board looks awesome.

In regards to the performance, for some reason this car is heavier than the Yaris, even though it is clearly smaller in dimensions. Also, don't be fooled by the quoted power of this car, as I recall it is very similar to the Yaris 1.5. I can assure you this car performs nowhere near as well as the Yaris in the real world. This car has barely enough power to keep up in modern traffic conditions. I pretty much have to floor it when the lights go green. I'm pretty sure I know why this is but won't go into detail here.

I ended up buying this car over the Suzuki Swift because the Swift is only available in 4 door, a decision which I do NOT regret. 4 doors on a hatchback is just pointless.

In regards to the stereo, I saw one review online which said that the head unit was good quality but the speakers not very good. I partially disagree with this, the speakers in the Yaris have tremendous bass, but nothing else, no highs whatsoever. The speakers in the Getz are a much better balance really, much better overall sound. Poor build quality is probably the biggest overall problem I have with this car.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2008

10th Mar 2009, 08:16

I own a Getz and I also have problems with strange bumping sounds in the back compartment, but solved the problem with replacing the tires, the original tires are very hard and that's the reason for all the noises I noticed.

16th May 2009, 00:40

I had an 07 Getz 1.6 as well for just 6 months. During that time the rear shock absorbers were changed twice and the rattle returned within days, so most of the time the car had a rattly rear end.

The other problems were mostly related to the build quality and the poor performance of the engine. Also after all these years, Hyundai still make engines that are rattly when cold.

I decided to sell it after 3 months and bought a second hand Toyota Echo sedan, and the money I lost off the Getz was a lesson well learnt. It took 3 months to sell the car. I wouldn't buy this brand again. I love my Echo.

15th Jun 2010, 06:12

Toyota should be a nicer car to drive, that is for sure. Additionally, the Suzuki Swift has a more revy engine, and a much nicer suspension than the Getz. But 1,6 Getz cannot be deemed slow. The only thing is, you have to run this car into what it should perform, and than it performs well, even sporty. The engine note is a bit harsh (I believe in is chain and not belt driven engine). The Yaris is probably a more subtle drive, and better build quality, but the Getz is OK.

2007 Hyundai Getz 1.1 from Philippines


This is a cool car


I have been driving this car for more than a year now, or one year and two months to be exact. Recently I would hear unusual sounds under the car when maneuvering on rough roads, it's sounds like an empty water drum being tapped or something like that. Anyway I went to the service center to have it checked. I thought after the servicing, it would be fixed, but to my disappointment it wasn't.

A week after, another thing that I have noticed is when my gas tank is half empty I could hear something is knocking inside the gas tank whenever I hit bumps on the road.

General Comments:

Compared to my past 2 cars, I find this car economical (I saved 50% of my fuel budget), comfortable and it has a well designed interior.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2008

27th Apr 2010, 01:12

About the knocking sound... better check the rubber attached to your muffler and exhaust pipe (I think there are three rubbers) and replace it with a new one (don't worry its cheap). I'm sure it is the cause. The rubber serves as vibration absorber of the exhaust pipe.