29th Jun 2008, 16:40

Hi folks! It is called a 'crumple zone' and is not unusual. The idea is that everything outside of the passenger safety cell disintegrates readily to dissipate any crash G-forces, to prevent this G-force being passed onto the occupant and, say, ripping their vital internal organs off their mounts. A very smashed front end has done what it is designed to do and is correct. You are OK enough to write the report; the car can be replaced!

Check out the full crash test report, photos and videos on www.euroncap.com.

The I10 got exactly the same 4 star rating as the 2008 BMW X3 4x4.

19th Dec 2008, 13:57

May be the last review was by Hyundai themselves. Here is what euroNCAP says:

"Protection of the driver's chest was rated as weak owing to the extent to which it was compressed during the test. Structures in the dashboard presented a risk of injury to the knees and femurs of the front seat passengers."


16th May 2009, 15:31

'Unsafe' What a ridiculous unscientific comment the i10 and the Kia Picanto (on which it's based) are the equal if not the better of many city cars available in the UK.

30th Apr 2010, 01:40

These cars seem to be very poor. My neighbor was unfortunate to buy one, and I'm appalled how poorly they've built these cars. She got the top spec with climate etc.

At 3 years old it's started to rust around the door frame, and around many of the weld seams. The interior also starts to get worn, since the seats are made of extremely poor fabric.

The electrics is not up to scratch either, with warning lamps going off all the time. Last time was the oil warning light that had a faulty sensor. Even with as little as 40.000 km on the clock, the engine has started to consume oil, and the fuel consumption is a joke considering the car's tiny engine and small weight.

Regarding collision safety of these cars; I don't even want to speculate. But all I can say is that she bumped into a small heap of snow and it more or less made the whole front end of the car fall off. It's just scary to see how poorly built these cars are.

All in all, this car seem to be among the least durable cars around, even if this car hasn't left my neighbour stranded. It just seems to be very poorly built.

2nd Jul 2011, 19:40

Maybe if you hadn't hit the tree...

Is it the car or your driving that is at fault?

EuroNcap gives this car 4 out of 5 stars, so it can't be that bad.

29th Jun 2012, 18:03

Reading all 3 (at this moment in time) reviews of the Hyundai i10 on this site, and something doesn't quite ring true with any of them. Maybe it's the appalling grasp of the English language, or the (in most cases) obviously fictitious problems and faults that the reviewers are putting forwards.

I'm about to order an i10 based on the (real) experiences of a few people I work with, and from what I hear from them, I'm expecting a totally reliable, well built, if pretty unexciting, shopping trolley - something that will supplement my motorbike, and do my daily commute for as little cost as possible.