2010 Hyundai i10 1.1 from South Africa


Great little Korean


A/C stopped working.

General Comments:

This small car is worth its money. Comes with most electric conveniences like 4 electric windows and mirrors. Sound system is adequate. It's a fun car to drive wildly around town, but with its very powerful 50kW/99Nm you will hardly get into any trouble with its sharp brakes and handling. It is however terrible on long distances. Overtaking requires you to put the car into sports mode, which is engaged by sticking the gear lever into 3rd and flooring the accelerator. That is the only thing I don't like about this car.

It is very well built and hasn't given a day's problem save for the A/C that packed up.

Changing a headlight light bulb requires you go to the dealer. I wanted to do it myself and did, but the car manual states (you won't believe this) that the front bumper has to be removed. I struggled for 2 hours to remove the headlight housing.

Overall it's a good city car.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2016

2015 Hyundai i10 SE 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Can't beat the warranty and driving pleasure


Trip computer and fuel gauge reset along with cruise control.

Near side rear seat rattles due to ill fitting catch

General Comments:

The latest generation of i10 has been praised in the press as being much more grown up than previous models. For a mid spec car it has a generous level of equipment backed up by the five year warranty. My previous i10 had a few niggles which were all taken care of without fuss by the dealer.

Some people think the 1 litre is underpowered for motorway journeys, but having done several 500 mile round trips across the UK, it suits my style of driving well. It'll happily sit at 70 mph with cruise control on, and even with air con deployed, will give over 50 MPG. Around town it's not so fuel efficient, but if you try hard it'll almost reach 50 MPG.

It's a lot quieter than the previous model. The fit and finish is also more 'upmarket'. That's why you get very little in the way of discount with the dealers, as they know that five year warranty marks it hard to haggle.

All in all, a nice runabout for us savvy motorists.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2015

2012 Hyundai i10 Classic 1.2 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Good fun little city runaround



General Comments:

I bought this to save on fuel costs, as my last car, a 2.8T V6 Vauxhall Signum, was killing me on fuel costs! After the culture shock of going down to a city car, I really started to enjoy driving this little i10.

I got a deal on it, which meant I got it for £6995 brand new and managed to get bluetooth fitted to it free of charge as well. Pretty basic little car, but it had A/C, central locking and a stereo you could play your iPod through. After owning it a while, I had cruise control retro fitted as well, which to be honest made it quite a relaxed little cruiser, as the gearing is quite long on these.

Performance was actually OK; the quoted 0 to 62 is 12 secs, but I read one magazine road test that got it to do 10.9 to 60, which with its weight and 85 HP is probably not far off. It has a very punchy, revvy and smooth variable valve timed little engine that they also use in the i20 and new shape i10.

Handling wasn't too bad either for its height and width; positive steering feel, ride not bad for its wheelbase, although obviously it did roll a fair bit and grip became limited in the wet due to tyre width. I put winter tyres on it, and in heavy snowfall it did really well, and never struggled.

Cabin space is good, tons of head room, and even rear knee room is not too bad as rear passengers sit so upright. The boot space is again OK for the size of car, one of the bigger boots in its class. Even used it as an emergency car once rather than our estate to get our Great Dane to the vets as my wife was off in the estate car!! And, yes... she did fit in the boot... just, although down the road is about as far as I would've wanted to take her, and she cracked the plastic boot floor cover!!

Overall a very good value little car, well built, economical, cheap to run. If you need a cheap little car that doesn't go too badly, then get one. The new shape is way more money!!

Unfortunately I'm back to the quick stuff again after I got owning an econo car out of my system... now have a remapped 300HP Mazda3 MPS... just a little bit different!!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2015