24th Sep 2008, 03:53

I've just bought i10 last week. At this moment, no problem at all. This is the best small car I ever had. I recommend it to those who need a new car with low consumption on fuel. Mine is auto 17km/liter. Depends how you drive.

19th Oct 2008, 21:23

I believe you can only get that if on the highway. I took 2 people down to Singapore and a full tank of 30 liters goes 500km with air-con on. That works to about 16-17km per liter.

I think it may be best to find out if can reduce Idle RPM or other engine tuning to reduce wastage while sitting in traffic. It's quite a stable car though, not bumpy.

24th Oct 2008, 06:43

Yeah you can get as you said 16-17/L on highway.

Normally I bet you should get around 12-15/L in city.

But look on the bright side, you still can go far with a 1.1L CVVT & 35L tank capacity.

Noticed the car is stable on speeds like 120-140km.

Braking system is good: ABS.

Would recommend others (city driving).

9th Mar 2009, 06:26

I bought a car a month ago, and the first thing I noticed was that the fuel consumption is not as stated -17 km/lit. It is only between 10 -11 km.

2nd Aug 2009, 01:46

I think it depends on how you drive. Because this is not a 2000 CC car, you need to be patient to achieve good fuel consumption. I think this is a great car.

22nd Aug 2009, 18:58

I bought an i10 two and a half weeks ago. I've driven the car only in city traffic for about 1,300 kms. I'm quite happy with the car, Not a single problem so far. It's really light on gas (14 - 15 km/lt) only city. The manual suggests not to drive the car over 4000 RPM (around 120-125 km/h) during the first 1000 kilometers (break-in period). I've already done that.

I really recommend this small vehicle to any small family or people who are on a tight budget (actually the interior is larger than most cars in its segment).

16th Nov 2009, 01:58

I'm also a driver of an i10. For me, this little car has good performance and stability. For those who have never tried it, they will not know they have missed out on something worthwhile... Good car...

4th Dec 2009, 10:40

Hi, I have bought i10 two months ago. It's OK except for noise when I start the car in morning.

12th Dec 2009, 04:46

How is the spare part pricing?

Is it expensive??

28th Jan 2010, 09:40

For a 1.5 year old car, mine has a problem on its shock mounting. Left and right side. Manifestation of which is a clanking sound when there is a bump on the road, and instability in handling during high speeds with uneven roads. The dealer will repair it for free.

Fuel consumption is 15 to 17 km/l. Better to change the spark plugs to platinum or iridium type to maintain it. The stock plugs easily fouled out. Better to reduce the wheel diameter to 13 inch, and combine it with a tire 165/65 or 70 (if possible) to have a softer ride. Also clean the air filter regularly to maintain good fuel consumption.

20th May 2010, 00:02

I've been driving the car for about 2 weeks and it has reached 1000 km already. Based on my experience, highway driving plus city driving this car can only go up to 320 km only. Very disappointed with the ads.

17th Jun 2010, 13:11

It's cheap all right, but the whole car seem to be made of tin foil and flimsy plastics. Mechanically it's under designed, and has started to fall apart after 50.000 km. The interior does not last long either, and the car looks tatty after a couple of years. Most of the car seem well rust protected, besides things like the window frames that becomes brownish after a few years. 5 years, and I'd guess that this car is ready for the scrap yard.

5th Feb 2011, 13:12

Hyundai I10... 1.1 irde.

I am Cibin from Cochin. I am very proud to write comments about my i10. I purchased my i10 car on Dec 2009, done 10000 km so far.

About my car's performance and dealer service, I am fully satisfied. I am suggesting this car to all those who are looking for a economy car in this sector and consider value for money. I am getting a mileage of 15-19 km per litre.

My experience about hyundai i10...

Good: Very responsive engine, excellent transmission.

Good interior, spacious for four member families, very low maintenance cost, good for city and highway drive, excellent braking system and A/C.

Negatives: No intermittent mode in wipers, no footrest in place of clutch.

4th May 2011, 13:35

Had one for 18 months now went 22000km with it.

Fuel consumption: around 7 l/100km (14 km/l) in the city; 6 l/100km (17 km/l) highway and mixed with A/C on.

The good stuff: very responsive engine and transmission, tiny and great for parking, spacious for a car of that kind (I'm 185cm tall).

So far I haven't had major issues, only problem with light position switch which went up and down on its own, replaced it for free at the dealers. The Kumho tyres I got with it are very bad and loud. When driving over 3500 RPM, engine noise starts being an issue. The plastic inside started squeaking a bit now, especially when it's cold.

26th Apr 2013, 05:48

I have 2009 i10 1.1. The air con at its 3rd year, blows off hot steam and suddenly the engine stopped!? Service providers in Alabang charge 14k per routine service at the 3rd year.. Wow, looks like I bought a luxury car?!