2013 Hyundai i30 Active 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

Bought this car as a replacement for an iX20 with FNS suspension knock - a fairly common fault, which so far has eluded Hyundai as regards a cure (see review on this website).

On delivery, went off for a holiday in the Cotswolds and some very bad roads! The i30 suspension is widely reported to be soft, and while I still don't think it's up to Astra standards, it is very acceptable. Certainly a vast improvement in compliance and noise over the iX20. The Active has higher profile tyres than the posher models, and is all the better for them.

Whilst on the subject of tyres, if you buy one and get a choice of Hankook or Continental, opt for the latter. On some road surfaces, the former are noisy, made more audible by the quietness of the engine and cabin generally. Not awful, though, and certainly not a deal breaker.

The cabin isn't any roomier than the iX20; neither is the boot, and of course you sit lower, but it's all big enough for most (I would think) and we've found it perfectly comfortable.

The 6-speed auto box is virtually imperceptible in use and 'matches' the engine very nicely. Standard equipment includes cruise control (and speed limiter), which is very easy to use. The Flexsteer has been adversely criticised by journo's, but I keep it on Comfort because I like it that way!

The whole car seems designed for gentle relaxing driving and - if it goes on like this - I'll be very happy to keep it for 3+ years. I really can't find anything to fault on it yet, but I'm sure that'll change once I'm out of the honeymoon period! More reports to follow.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2013

27th Apr 2013, 04:48

So, a month and 800 miles on, and out of the honeymoon period! Pleased to report that nothing has gone wrong, no oil or water used; even the tyres haven't lost any air! Not doing huge mileage, I'm not really bothered re fuel economy, but it seems to be high 30's; more on a run with cruise control on.

It may not be the car for 'spirited' driving (although I think it's more stable than the iX20) but it's arrow-straight on the motorway and fine for me on the average A and B roads. Whatever the journos say, I doubt any normal driver would have cause for complaint.

Ride quality is OK, but no more than that. It's a great pity that - because they take more notice of motoring journo's than customers - makers all seem to fit 'rubber-band' tyres for ultimate handling. Whereas most of us would prefer a decent ride!

At least the Active has some reasonably tall rubber on, and it's a lot better than the iX20 (and that was better than similar cars) so I have no real complaint, even though it's not to Astra standards in my opinion.

Road noise is high on some surfaces, but acceptable on most. The forums have info re quieter tyres, but that can wait; they're no worse than many similar cars. Generally it's a quiet and relaxed drive all round.

The only real 'fault' I can pick out is the uneven panel gaps and generally poor external fit. Disappointing in this day and age. Same as the iX20 and other Hyundai's I've looked at, and not up to Japanese standards at all. Makes no difference to the drive, but I cannot understand why no journo has ever commented on this. The press cars must surely be the same? At least the interior is OK.

Ignoring the above (not difficult), I remain very happy with this car. Whether it's worth the list £17,100 I don't know - not cheap for a mid-range Hyundai. With this model, I suppose what you're basically getting over the rivals is a free (and very nice) auto box. Price-wise, Hyundai is basically going in the same direction as the Japanese, but build quality-wise I think they have a bit more work to do!