12th Sep 2010, 23:50

13 Sept 10: The car has now completed 32,000 km and still going well. One disappointing aspect is the tyres that came with the car, Kuhmo - ready for replacement, not happy.

The rear vision mirror requires replacing due to a rattle and the side strips which are an accessory are coming adrift.

Overall, still going strong and I drive about 200 km a day, with the economy still obtaining around 900 km to the tank.

If in Australia, shop around for the servicing. Costs can vary a fair bit, especially the major services.

I have installed a K&N air filter, as this will prove more economical over the life of the car, considering Hyundai want $60 for a throw away air cleaner and the K&N cost $105 and will last 1,000,000 km. OK, you have to buy the cleaning and lubricating kit, but over five years you will still be ahead. And prior to selling the car, you sell the K&N filter on ebay and recoup some cost, all good!

In essence, the i30 diesel is going good.

11th Dec 2010, 05:29

My i30 has done 44,000kms, still plenty of life in the tyres.

I do a lot of highway driving, but also some gravel roads.

If you want your tyres to last longer, drive more smoothly!

30th May 2011, 01:18

30 May 11.

Well I have now sold the hatch, and it provided great service while I had it. So why did I sell? I bought another one, but the wagon this time, and it is even better, and the economy is still the same, as the wagon is 40kg more in gross mass.

So far so good, the i30 is a pretty good car for the money spent. Sure, you can spend more, but when you compare what you get to the money spent, not all the time do you get your money's worth.

23rd Nov 2011, 19:42

I have now had the i30 wagon six months, and it is a cracker. Economy is still great, and towing the boat is a breeze. Diesel is certainly the only way to go I believe when buying a small car, considering the power and economy you get from the turbo set up.

23rd Oct 2013, 23:18

I have now driven the wagon 2.5 years now, and have completed over 100,000km. The only fault to appear is the paint peeling off the roof racks, which is being fixed under warranty.

Last Apr 13 I towed the boat with family down to South Aust., which was about 500km from where I live, and it went very smoothly indeed. I was keeping the usual highway speed no problem, whilst towing 800kg.

Overall, the car is going well. The only minor indirect issue is the price charged to service the car. Very high when you consider the work actually being done. So, shop around or go to licenced mechanics who are authorised to perform workshop servicing. But in saying that, I buy genuine Hyundai parts for the service. This has saved me quite a few dollars.

Overall, happy motoring!