22nd Jul 2012, 12:42

Me again.

Having emailed Hyundai customer services, they tell me there is no known suspension problem with the IX20, so the dealer either told me wrong, or Hyundai's departments don't speak to each other.

Went back to the dealer as the FNS is clonky again. They're having it back for another look. Pity, as it's a great car on reasonable roads, but a Yorks Dales holiday has just shown up the suspension problem in great detail!

Will report back as and when. This problem has also been noted by several on the Hyundai Forum site, so it's not just me.

28th Jul 2012, 11:34

Well, it's been in again for a couple of hours. Complete waste of time, unfortunately. I've asked that the dealer approaches Hyundai with a view to replacing every possible part that might have a bearing on this clonky suspension. Wouldn't be complicated - it's only MacPherson strut, after all.

Otherwise I have to make a decision about whether it spoils the car so much that I can't put up with it - in which case it'll have to go - or whether I can live with it for 2.5 years until it's 3 years old. The plus point is that I'm not doing as many miles as I used to, and most of them are motorway or similar. It's no problem at all on them; excellent motorway cruiser, in fact.

One thing's for sure, if they don't fix it, I shall never buy another Hyundai. I had all this same sort of thing with the Getz, and vowed never to buy another, but after 9 years I thought they must've improved. But as far as basic build goes, going by this example, I'm afraid they haven't.

25th Aug 2012, 10:25

No response whatsoever from the dealer after a month. My advice to anyone buying an IX20 would be to buy secondhand. That way you can listen to the suspension on the actual car you're buying. If it's OK, it'll probably remain so. Buy new and you're stuffed if you get a bad one. Unless you stick to decent roads only - then you'll be very happy with it.

After my Getz I swore I'd never buy another Hyundai. Wish I'd stuck to that vow. Can't even engineer a MacPherson strut? For Christ's sake, struts have been around for donkey's years. Perhaps a little less money spent on Bluetube gadgetry or whatever, and a few more bob on the bits that matter...

15th Sep 2012, 03:16

The latest is that Hyundai is apparently working to fix another clunky one. So far unsuccessful, but the FNS strut is being blamed (amazing!) and is being re-engineered.

If they manage to fix this permanently, I'll be very pleased, but let's wait and see.

27th Dec 2012, 06:56

Latest re suspension: Hyundai will have new struts available in March 2013, which (they say) will cure the clunking. Be good if true! We'll see...

22nd Jan 2013, 11:21

Thanks very much for all of your information and updates about this car. I have been thinking of buying one, and because you have gone to the trouble of posting about your experiences, I have decided against it, as we live in the country, and mainly travel on bad and bumpy roads!

24th Jan 2013, 06:47

No problem! I'm hoping the new struts, which I'm told have been shipped, will transform the front end.

But if you want a nice ride at a reasonable price, try an Astra. My bro-in-law has an Exclusive (the steel-wheeled, one-step-up from basic) and it rides like a dream!

Much different car, of course, but it seems very difficult to buy a car nowadays with a soft ride, and I can't really justify a Merc E class. Even the French cars (which I wouldn't buy) have apparently gone with harder suspension.

4th Feb 2013, 06:43

New parts fitted (dampers, I'm told), but unfortunately haven't made any difference. FNS just as clunky as before.

Where do we go now? Don't know yet, but hopefully the dealer or Hyundai Customer Services (who have gone up in my estimation) will have some ideas.

16th Feb 2013, 03:57

Hyundai has passed me back to the dealer for assessment. But the dealer has demonstrated on several occasions that they have no idea how to either diagnose or correct the fault.

Meanwhile the car loses money...

Probably about time I consulted Trading Standards, to check that 11 months is a reasonable time to allow someone to correct a faulty product.

25th Mar 2013, 04:17

The situation has now been resolved without rancour on either side. The Cambridge Hyundai dealer (who I have to congratulate) offered to either replace my iX20 with a '13' plater for a very reasonable sum, or another model from the range at extra cost.

I decided against another iX20 in case of further FNS suspension problems, instead opting for an i30 petrol automatic (review to follow) with no such reported problem.

So that's it for this iX20. A very nice car spoiled (for me) by what amounts to shoddy build. As far as space, comfort and practicability go, it has most rivals beaten (has more space than the i30!) and I would've been happy to keep it, had the fault been fixed. What a pity.

23rd Aug 2014, 18:48

I entirely agree with the comments made about the Hyundai ix20. A lovely car every respect except the ride; it's dreadful over poor roads.

I bought mine in April 2013, and within 24 hours of my purchase, I was complaining to my dealer and later to Hyundai UK, all without any success.

6th Dec 2014, 16:46

Well, I hope you've had some joy by now!

You have rights under the Sale Of Goods Act, and they KNOW this fault exists. If, as you say, you complained within 24 hours, there can be no reason why they shouldn't issue a full refund.

If you don't know your rights, I suggest a lawyer...

Cheers - Peter.