1998 Hyundai Lantra SE 1.8 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Good performance and fairly reliable motoring at a modest price


The driver's door failed to lock using the central locking system not long after picking up the car. Problem was fixed under warranty, however just recently the actuator has burnt out which means the driver's door must be unlocked and locked manually.

At about 60,000kms, the car developed a problem where it would occasionally surge back and forward and lose power. At idle, the revs would fluctuate between 500 and 1000rpm. Hyundai were unable to find any problem with the car and continually dismissed it as the result of poor quality fuel. A trip to a local mechanic revealed the car had a blown oxygen sensor, broken idle adjuster and that the throttle opener and fuel filter were both clogged.

At about 65,000kms, the spark plug leads blew one night at a set of traffic lights. New leads fitted within five minutes.

At 75,000kms, a gasket in the transmission blew resulting in the transmission fluid leaking. Problem was easily rectified during scheduled service.

General Comments:

Provided you have a good mechanic and regularly keep the car maintained, it should operate relatively trouble free.

Hyundai's service centres are fine for general servicing, however they rely too much on the cars computer to find faults, thus making it hard to fix known problems.

With a decent set of tyres, a Lantra will handle very nicely and be a delight to drive on twisty roads.

Performance is fairly good for a 1.8litre, although the engine can struggle significantly with the air conditioning on.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2006

13th Feb 2006, 19:13

My '98 Lantra Wagon has developed the same idle problem. I thought it may be the fuel pump as the car is very difficult to start when facing uphill. I'll have a look at the oxygen sensor, idle adjuster, throttle opener and fuel filter.


1998 Hyundai Lantra SE Sports 1.8 DOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Outstanding performance in all areas great car


I have had no mechanical problems at all with this vehicle.

General Comments:

These cars if looked after will reward you with many years of trouble free motoring.

Its performance is outstanding for a 1.8.

The seats could be more padded and the cabin is very Grey.

Passenger and driver window tend not to seal properly at times due to the window rails "sagging"

With a good set of wheels and tires the Lantra will drive like a car worth twice as much.

Excellent car looks great drives great value for money would recommend to anyone.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003

1998 Hyundai Lantra SE Sedan 1.8litre EFI from Australia and New Zealand


A value for money car that needs to be owned for a period of time to enjoy its pleasures


Remote Central Locking problems within first week of ownership.

A few rattles and squeaks within the cabin have arisen, but nothing major.

General Comments:

The Lantra has great performance, but the engine is only happy on the right side of 2500rpm. It revs freely and has guts on both suburban roads and freeways.

The seats are comfy and the layout of the interior is great.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2002

25th Jul 2010, 03:29

Does anyone know how well this car ages? I've heard the timing belts need changing at around 90,000km, but was hoping to get a bit more updated information.

25th Jul 2010, 09:39

If you take care of ANY car, it should age quite well. And as for the timing belts, yes, change that on the recommended interval EVERY TIME. Hyundai's are very good at snapping their timing belts if they aren't changed on time.