2002 Hyundai Matrix CDI 1.5 from UK and Ireland


I do a lot of miles, give me a bigger diesel


Rear wiper blade does not bear on glass.

General Comments:

1.5 diesel underpowered for my needs.

Would prefer the extra cylinder and go to 2.0 litre.

Having done 60,000 miles in about 28 months and finding only the rear wiper performance to complain about, I think the question is answered before it is asked.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2006

2002 Hyundai Matrix GLS 1.6 Gasoline from Oman


Really spacious, but too noisy


The originally installed battery died after 18 months.

The reflector in the headlights started to peel off about the same time.

The paint on the door handles peeled off completely afer 1 year!??! The dealer said it's because of the sea water - but hey I live far from the sea and I go to the beach for just three or four days a year. Then he said he doesn't know what the reason is, but the warranty doesn't cover that, so I'll have to pay to repaint them.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2005

27th Nov 2005, 19:26

My 2002 Sonata also has peeling door handles. I am in California and am going to get an estimate to repaint and then sue in Small Claims court. I will NOT tolerate being told by Power Hyundai the "finish" isn't covered. That's baloney.

Mark in Redondo.

2002 Hyundai Matrix GLS 1.6 from Singapore


Space in Spades


This is my second review of Matrix which I'm still driving now.

So far, the car has behave like it should - takes the whole family from A to B to C with minimum fuss and costs.

Nothing major has gone awry, and the car is still original with no aftermarket accessories fitted.

General Comments:

I've heard stories about the Matrix consumption. As the owner of one, it depends largely on how one drives. Mine returned an average of 12.73km/L. For a 1.6 manual, that's nothing to crow about; but there's nothing to be worried of either.

In terms of power and pickup, it can be a little sluggish, due to its heavy body. But since you're not an F1 or kamikaze driver, its performance is just adequate.

To all potential buyers, if interior space at the region of $65K is what you're looking for, then search no further... Matrix offers space in spades! Headroom, legroom and whatever rooms you'd need is in abundance. Mercedes A-class LWB may beat the Matrix in interior space, but you can't even get a second-hand A-class for this kind of money!

Refinement can be a little coarse, and a little rough on the edges. But for that sum of money in Singapore, where cheap cars is an oxymoron, you can't really ask for that much. It may be characterless on the road, but what it doesn't have; you'd probably don't need!

For a budget, fuss-free family transport, Matrix is highly recommended. I have no regrets in getting my Matrix, it's the best car I can give to my family!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2004

8th Feb 2006, 08:40

I have a 2002 hyundai matrix, and I live in a mountainous terrain. After only 24000 miles, the vehicle's cylinder head must be replaced . That does not say much for the Matrix.I have not even been able to find the replacement head for it as yet.

2002 Hyundai Matrix GLi 1.6 from Singapore


Space over Grace and Pace!


Grinding sounds from the rear brakes at 15000km. Problem solved after dealer service.

Interior can be a little drab, due to its dark plastics. Even after a year, still need time to get used to the centrally located barnacle!

Finishing and refinement can be improved.

General Comments:

Mechanically, it runs like a well-oiled dream, though it may be a little underpowered.

The greatest edge from this car is the interior space! For S$67K (that's about 20+K pounds), you get a playground with wheels! Legroom and headroom all round is limousine standard (I'm 1.8m). In terms of space, nothing in this price region comes close.

Handling is pretty good, though road noise is noticeable at all times.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2003