2005 Hyundai Matrix 1.6 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Good car for everybody


I have owned this car for 4 months, and there was not any problem.

A couple of times it's locked during driving, and I don't know what the reason is.

General Comments:

Everything is good, but not the consumption. I can't believe it consumes about 10 liters per 100 kms in the city.

But services are very cheap. In Bosnia, changing a complete timing belt costs about 150 euros in an authorised service place, and 90 euros in other garages. For my Mazda 323 DiTD, I paid for same the thing about 400 euros :-(

This car is perfect for families and for everyday driving, but without any luxury.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2011

2005 Hyundai Matrix GL 1.6 petrol from Singapore


Cheap, good and reliable


I'm living in Singapore where the Hyundai brand is getting popular by the day. Singaporeans are really fussy people who like "CNG" cars, I mean cheap and good cars!!!

I took over my friend's under utilized Matrix and so far no regrets. The car cannot be compared to any Japanese car of its class, however for the money you pay, it really makes a lot of sense.

Firstly it is spacious and very reliable, but the car gets thirsty every now and then. For better drive and fuel economy, use good spark plugs and synthetic oil, take my word, "it really works."

As the saying goes "if you pay peanuts you only get monkeys" is definitely not the case for Hyundai Matrix!!!

General Comments:

This car is easy to drive.

Not so bad looking.

It's spacious, with its knock down rear seats.

Durable and reliable.

Spares are cheap and easy to obtain.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2010

2005 Hyundai Matrix GLS? 1.8 from Taiwan


It's the Swiss Army knife of cars


Tray on the back of the passenger seat broke after a couple of weeks.

Passenger side cup holder doesn't close properly sometimes.

General Comments:

The Matrix is an excellent choice for families or people looking for a roomy comfortable car.

It tends to guzzle gas within the city, but it gets great highway miles.

The body of the car is seems to be very delicate, but I'm watching for every little scratch because this is my first "new car"

It has excellent handling and performs well in the mountains of Taiwan. But when the car is first started, and I drive off quickly, it tends to take its time slipping into gear. I only get this when starting the car first thing in the morning. I guess it needs to warm up for 60 seconds or so???

The customer service at Hyundai in Taiwan is excellent. They take very good care of you. Don't worry about the broken tray table or the cup holder; both were fixed for less than $2 US.

The Matrix has so many features it's worth a serious look. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2006

2005 Hyundai Matrix 1.5 CRDi diesel Engine from Philippines




There is some vibration when the car reaches 120 kph.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable to drive and ride. It is economical too at 11 kilometer per liter on city driving and 16 kilometers per liter on long provincial drives.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2005

12th Dec 2005, 02:42

I have a Hyundai matrix also, I had the same problem of vibration at 120km/hr... It was solved by doing off-wheel balancing for all the wheels at the service center... I hope you have it solved...

2005 Hyundai Matrix GLS 1.8 from Lebanon


Very good family car


Two problems with this car;

Firstly, the gear change is quite slow. It takes a while to increase its speed and does not quickly relax to low rounds per minutes.

Secondly, the fuel consumption in city driving is appalling. The car makes around 130-140 km/gallon (20 Litres)

General Comments:

Great comfort, and very roomy.

I like the high seats and different accessories like the plates, water-bottle sockets, 12V sockets and small pockets. folding space is very convenient and easy.

Consumption is very good on the highway and can go up to 220-240 km per gallon.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2005

6th Feb 2006, 19:47

The mileage is quite unbelievable. At 120-130 km per gallon city driving, this translates to about 30 km to a liter. And the provincial driving at 220 km to a gallon is about 55km per liter. Is this really true??

28th Apr 2006, 14:58

I bought a new Hyundai Matrix 1.8 CDX auto recently and the petrol consumption is appalling. The car travels 18-20 mpg urban and no more than 25mpg extra urban to combined. If you have any comments regarding this type of vehicle any information would be welcome.

19th Jul 2006, 13:41

130 km/gallon is equivalent to a little over 80 miles/gallon or 34km/liter which is awesome - but is it true? My 1994 Civic gives me about 8km/liter which is one reason why I'm selling it to get a new car. If what you say is true, then the Matrix might be a good way to go.

21st Aug 2007, 20:20

I have just bought a Diesel Matrix 1500 turbo the fuel economy is excellent it pulls from low revs very well.

Motor way driving is effortless lots of room for 4 adults well happy with it, no problems at all.

20th Oct 2007, 03:26

I brought a new matrix 1.6 gli 2006 model... hmmm what to say about this car its the best car ever... a 5 seat er car with lot of leg space and comfort for passengers with fold able seats..., drawers.., cup holders. 12 volt adapters etc... the 1st thing I can say is that its best than the corolla... because I had owned 1 and its no match 4 matrix... the matrix rocks....