2005 Hyundai Matrix CRDI 1.5 turbo diesel from Philippines


This car is a real value for money


None so far.

General Comments:

This car though small packs power and response.

Can easily climb the road to Cebu Plaza even in 3rd or 4th gear.

Very comfortable to drive with the slightly elevated seats and large headroom.

Has a good ride and handles well over bad though urban Philippine roads.

This can outrun any 1600 cc sedans out there.

I would like to continue using this car for the next 5 years or even more.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2005

2005 Hyundai Matrix CRDI 1.5 turbo diesel from Philippines


A versatile, powerful car worth every Philippine Peso which is hard to earn nowadays.


There was a rattling noise on the front passenger side that I was able to trace down to the tray located below the seat. I filled it up with cut up styrofoam and the rattling vanished.

Blind spot! The driver's side rear-view mirror is convex, hence, making images from behind appear larger! The manual said that the convex mirror is supposed to be placed at the passenger side.

Transmission feels a little bit stiff in the beginning, but softens up as you breach the recommended 2000km break-in period.

General Comments:

The most noticeable feature was the excellent headroom and legroom of course.

Rear seats can easily be folded up for extra space.

The car has very good acceleration on the first two gears despite the fact that I was staying below 3000rpm and 80kph for the break-in. Remarkable for a diesel.

After breaching the break-in period, I began to high-rev and found the car reaching the 0-100km/h mark in 12-14 seconds. I feel that the car could do better so we'll see.

So far, 150km/h was the fastest I've reached and easily if I may add. It's possible to go head to head and overtake 1.6 sedans except for the 1.6+ BMW variety.

The Matrix is powerful for its size. There is a steep area in my city (Marikina) called "Tumana" and it could easily climb through even with passengers and airconditioning using the third gear.

On flat surfaces, the Matrix could run from a standstill by using the second gear, bypassing the first.

Air Conditioning is very good and versatile with its thermostat. The windows get misty whenever you dial the thermostat to the left and you could warm yourselves up when you dial to the right.

Suspension feels good albeit soft. It could handle Philippine roads (bumpy, uneven and too many potholes) well, but it exhibits evident, though tolerable, body-roll when cornering.

My matrix came with a Sony MP3 player. Very nice audio quality, but speakers need some bass boost.

The fuel consumption is great. I went on a round trip to Laoag, Ilocos Norte and I found the Matrix consuming at least 19+km/l on the highway and 13+km/l on traffic. Very useful on rush hours.

Stock tires are noisy especially on asphalt and gravel.

Forget and ditch the 1.6 gas Hyundai Matrix. This diesel version with the Variable-Geometry-Turbo is the real deal.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2005

1st Dec 2005, 07:06

I will ditch my 1.6 GL gasoline-fed automatic Hyundai Matrix when they come out with a CRDI diesel automatic. Is that variant in the works?

31st Oct 2010, 05:43

I have a Hyundai Matrix 1.5 CRDI acquired in 2005, and after 5 years, everything is still alright, except the noise that came out recently on the front disc brakes.

Fuel economy is still excellent. The problem with Hyundai service center here in Cebu are the high labor and parts costs.

There is enough speed; as much as you want. I've reached only up to 140kph, but there's still too much of it left in the ODO. This machine is very good going uphill.

Too bad, the model is discontinued, but replaced by the more expensive i30.

2005 Hyundai Matrix LT 1.6 gasoline from Egypt


It is all in one, the best car I have ever seen .


The automatic central locking is not working properly.

General Comments:

The car is very spacious and handles great, however it is a bit noisy at high speeds.

The car is happier and stable at high speeds.

The driver's high seating position gives you a great impression as if you are in an air plane!

The rear seats are slightly elevated to give the rear passengers a better view for the road ahead.

The car is very very practical!

However, the fuel consumption is a bit annoying, but it's not a problem for me.

The Italian design of the car attracts the sight of every one on the road.

Handling is great and it's small length (Only 4025 mm) gives you a great ability to maneuver and park.

Finally, it's a lot of fun to drive this car.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2005

13th Jun 2005, 04:12

This is an excellent good priced car with all of these options. i bought it from Egypt, but the problem is the two months waiting list. Any how it is easily manipulated and the problem is in the central looking and the radio which is not easily manipulated.

2nd Jul 2006, 05:47

Can I know the fuel consumption exactly please because I'm thinking to buy a new manual one.

31st Jul 2006, 13:43

For urban city driving, Its about 11 liters for every 100 kilometers, For high way driving with a speed of 100km/h, Its about 7 liters for every 100 kilometers, By the way, Its tank capacity is 55 liters.

Have fun '

6th Jul 2015, 13:33

My Hyundai Matrix engine is shaking, what are the possible causes?