17th Jun 2005, 11:56

I too hail from Manila and no matter what driving style I do to maximize mileage, I still end up between 6 to 7 Km/liter city driving. Aside from removing the catalytic converter to save on gas, what other options do I try? I really want to retain the catalytic converter to do my share in protecting the environment.

With regards to the "bubbles" on the headlamp assembly, the dealer was able to replace them both and I have not experienced the "bubbles" with the replacements, so it must be a supplier issue.

I had this car for two years and so far my only big issue is the fuel consumption.

20th Dec 2005, 01:29

I was a skeptical owner of a Matrix 4 years ago when I bought the car, but 4 years on it is still working well and handles incredibly on long distance and city drive. the interior is probably the best compared to any other cars its price range. Only complaint is the weak pick-up.

18th Jul 2006, 13:31

I'm from S.A. I bought my Matrix 2 months ago. It gives me 12km/l in the city and 15km/l open road. My friends calls it a small Big car because its so spacious. A really enjoyable ride. Its manual, and one of my best cars yet!

1st Aug 2007, 07:00

Maybe by adding "Spark-optimiser" (brand = Ultimate) could help to boost the starting speed. Some recommended a "capsule" (brand = Platinum).

23rd Jul 2008, 07:29

I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have the 1.6L model.

I think the car is very fuel consuming, about 12L/100km, that is about 4.76Km per Liter.


1. Nice interior.

2. Very spacious and comfortable.


1. Very under power.

2. Poor pick up speed.

3. Inconsistent performance (Sometimes the car runs fast, sometimes super slow).

4. Poor re-sale value. I lost 62.5% of the purchasing value in less than 5 years.

14th Aug 2010, 08:31

I'm Fendy from Sabah, Malaysia.

I've driven the Matrix 1.6L manual...

So far the best I can achieve with it.. is.. around 15-16km/ Liter. The car is now almost 5 years old. All I did was regularly change the air filter, spark plugs and on time engine oil changes.

If you drive with the air-conditioning off, you'll be surprised on how big the differences on how much you can save. And I agree with the inconsistent pick-up delivery (sometimes fast... sometimes slow). Try changing to other spark plugs? My friend did that to his Matrix... and he said.. he can feel a significant increase in pick-up..

In terms of ride quality... it handles well on highway.. but not on potholes.. bumpy :O(.

Overall, I would rate this car a 3.5/5.