2007 Hyundai Santa Fe from North America


I test drove many SUV's and the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe blew all the rest out of the water. It has class and performance. A roomy interior and very quiet and classy looking. I've received numerous comments on the color which is Platinum Sage. It looks more like a gun metal Blue. (Very different very attractive).

I've always wanted a medium size SUV that was not too sporty looking and had alot of class. I got it all with this SUV. I have a moon roof, heated seats, heated windshield wipes and side view mirrors. This will be great since I live in Ohio.

If you're undecided about which SUV you want to buy = take this car for a test drive!!

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Review Date: 13th May, 2007

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3 from North America


Very well thought out and comparable to much more expensive vehicles


No problems thus far.

Been a nice, quiet vehicle so far.

Need better lighting in the front of the interior during entry.

General Comments:

Great vehicle! Very quiet and very responsive.

Interior space is generous, and we love the large storage bins under the rear decking.

Fit and finish are impressive, and the interior materials look to be of high quality.

I like how the rear wiper works. When you first turn it on, it makes 5 complete sweeps, then goes into a pulse mode after that. This is perfect to keep the rear window clean during rainy weather.

Very thoughtful.

Generally, this is a very well thought out vehicle and it has been very reliable during the first 6 months of ownership.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2007

22nd Jan 2007, 12:58

Sorry, I made a mistake. I thought I said "YES" to the "Would you buy another vehicle from this manufacturer" question. I must of hit "NO" by mistake. We love our Santa Fe, and would definitely buy another one.


13th Nov 2009, 14:47

We leased our 2007 Santa Fe in August of 2007. 30 months later we did not even hesitate to buy it out. Great vehicle so far, only 25,000 miles. I has lots of storage space and we get about 20 miles to the gallon with most of the driving being off the highways.

The only problem we have had is keeping the gas cap tight. It seems to come loose, then the check engine light comes on. We tighten the cap again and the light goes off. Weird.

Jim (Minneapolis)

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe GL 3.3L from North America


Well built mid-sized SUV with lots of power and average gas mileage


A negative would be the interior lighting, only the rear light comes on when the vehicle is unlocked with the remote making it difficult to see when trying to insert the ignition key. We are told they are working on fixing this issue so interior front lights come on as well.

General Comments:

The Hyundai Santa Fe has delivered all that I expected in a mid-sized SUV so far.

The vehicle handles very well with quick response in steering through corners, passing and parking.

Braking performance is good the vehicle stops quickly in short distances.

The vehicle is comfortable, the 6-way power drivers seat allows you to set the seat anyway you like with lumbar support as well. There is lots of room in the rear passenger area for two, average for three.

Radio and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel are well placed. The cruise control retains set speed on the highway with little variance.

Gas mileage in the 3.3 L model is about 500 km on the tank so far when the low fuel warning comes on (seems to come on early as it only takes about 50-55 litres of gas at this point to fill it, we expect better mileage after 5000 km. Tank is rated at 75 litres.

The vehicle has plenty of power and the shift-tronic transmission works well with driving in snow or hilly terrain.

Storage is good we get all my sons band gear inside with the rear seats folded down.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2006

18th Jan 2007, 08:08

It's funny you had a Dodge Grand Caravan before the Sante Fe.

We had a '98 Grand Caravan Sport before purchasing our '07 Sante Fe. It was a great vehicle, but we only have 1 child, so we really didn't need the space anymore. The Sante Fe is a great vehicle. Fuel mileage isn't the greatest, but it is better then the van. You're right about the lights. When we first got our Sante Fe, I was looking all over the place for another switch or something that would allow the front lights to come on. But, no luck. The "fix" you spoke about is for future models or can it be done on the '07?

Good luck with yours. So far we've had no trouble with ours after 6 months and 8,000 kms.