13th Jun 2014, 04:50

I too have a Hyundai Santa Fe, and found that any trip over 60 miles produced the most uncomfortable ride I have ever had. I am now looking at taking a seat from another make, and having it put in the car - nothing could be worse than the driver's seat of a Hyundai Santa Fe.

The rest of the car is great. But back pain trumps everything.

17th Jun 2014, 23:34

I tend to agree with those who say this seat issue should have been noticed on a test drive. We recently bought a new small SUV and we test drove a number of brands. We always do long test drives (if a dealer won't let you, walk away... FAST). We subject the vehicles to hard cornering, panic braking, flat-out acceleration and high speed on the freeway. We tried all the controls, and especially those that involve our comfort.

After looking at a number of small SUVs, we opted for the Ford Escape due to superior ride, fastest acceleration, smoothest and quietest ride, and a quality feel way beyond its price range. However one of the main selling points was the almost infinitely adjustable power driver's seat. Long trips in it are as enjoyable as our Lincoln Town Cars.

Buyers who don't properly test drive a vehicle really have no one but themselves to blame. And any dealer who refuses to allow a proper test drive should be avoided like the plague. Dealers in my area simply give us the keys and allow us to take the car for an entire day or even a weekend. A five minute drive around the block is NOT a test drive.

27th Jul 2015, 05:57

Hi All,

I have the same issue with my 2014 Santa Fe. Any drive over 1 hour gives me back pain, and I am thinking of selling it now.

19th Aug 2015, 01:48

I recently purchased two new 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles (one for the wife, one for me) and I absolutely agree they have the worst driver's seat I have experienced in 40 years of driving.

As for test drives, I spent 3 hours driving 10 different Santa Fe's and took one home overnight before the purchases. Cannot get comfortable in any seat position with these electric seats. I've tried foam pads to sit on and one for the seat back. Even took one to an auto upholstery shop and had them shave the bottom cushion of the driver's seat to reduce the front pitch. Still terribly uncomfortable. The first thing I do when I get in the vehicle is start adjusting the seat and I never seem to stop trying to find a good position. I've had these vehicles about 3 months now and I hate driving them so much that neither one has 400 miles on the odometer. Intended on using these for long distance trips and they seem like nice vehicles. But I can't sit in them for more than 10 minutes without my legs going numb. I know I'm going to take a $10K bath on trade-ins, but I'm already looking to get something more comfortable.

14th Mar 2016, 20:26

I have back pain to the point I have to seek chiropractor weekly services. Thought it was just me, but have read many similar complaints.

3rd Aug 2016, 18:59

I have a new used Santa Fe 2014. I never had back pain, but have lower back pain when I drive the car more than 45 minutes. I am taking it to a car shop next week to build the bottom of the seat cushion about 1" and taper it forward. They need to have a few people sit in the seats before they make them.

4th Aug 2016, 13:04

Why on earth would you buy a Hyundai or Kia and then invest the money in having a "custom" seat made. You could have saved a lot of time and money by buying a better car.

22nd Mar 2018, 00:52

I have had the same experience. I rarely had back pain, and after driving my Hyundai Santa Fe for a couple months, I actually had such severe lower back pain I had to go to the doctor. The funny thing is we had no idea what was causing the pain. It wasn't till we traded the Hyundai in for a Chevy truck that my lower back pain is now nonexistent. I don't know what's up with their seats, but as soon as I stopped driving it, the pain went away.

18th Aug 2018, 23:02

Easy fix for Hyundai Santa Fe driver seat back pain; remove 2 screws at the bottom of back panel and then pull the panel out. Remove the lumbar plastic plate; you can also bend the spring tap so it wouldn't push on your lower back and irritate it. You can also swap the driver's seat with the passenger seat like I did. The passenger seat is so much comfortable. Not sure if this will work with an electric model.

I used to cry and wanted to sell this car cheap. Can't walk, missed work, bed rest and lots of Tylenol. After swapped out the seat now I'm good now; 2-3 hr drives are no problem. Still not the most comfortable because the front struts are worn out, alignment, and causes shaking.

19th Feb 2019, 02:27

I just bought a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2018. After a week of heavy driving I have such debilitating neck and back pain that I can barely work. I’ve never had back issues until I drove this car. Worst car seats ever made! Such a shame too, otherwise such a decent ride. What laziness by Hyundai not to address something that is so obviously wrong and easily corrected in newer models.